THC Isn't As Important

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THC Isn't As Important

Many people who use marijuana have an idea that THC is the most important compound. They believe that strains that contain high levels of THC are often the best. While THC does deliver great benefits, there are other compounds that are far more important. At AskGrowers, you can learn more about popular strains and THC levels and will also find out information on other components of cannabis that are just as important.

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Cannabis Compounds

The cannabis plant is much more complex than many realize. There are hundreds of compounds that have been found and each plays a role in how cannabis affects your mind and body. We all know of the two major compounds found in cannabis, THC and CBD. While these play an important role, other compounds are even more important in how you get high and what sensations you experience during that high.

While most users are concerned with high THC vs low THC, growers take a different approach. Based on an interview with the CEO from Skagit Organics, Matthew Friedlander, growers focus on cannabis products that contain other compounds that will meet the needs of users. He states, “We believe customers should be looking for cannabis products that contain other minor cannabinoids specific to their needs.”

Deepcell CEO Quote

Terpenes are also compounds that are found in weed, and these are responsible for those unique smells and tastes you experience with different strains. They can also offer various health benefits. Cannabis contains over 100 terpenes, and levels can vary in each strain.

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Terpenes Importance

While we are all familiar with how THC can offer great effects when using cannabis, this is not the most important compound in marijuana. Experts from Fiddler’s Greens say that “THC is a very important part of the cannabis plant, but is by no means the only or most important part.” Terpenes play an important role in how your body reacts to cannabis, and these organic compounds are naturally produced. They provide the aroma of the plant and also are the main components in most resins.

Not only do terpenes attribute to the smell of marijuana, but they also have an impact on the type of high you get when using cannabis. These molecules have a psychoactive effect of their own and can also offer medicinal benefits. When they are combined with CBD and THC, they offer what is known as the entourage effect. Companies creating cannabis products understand the importance of terpenes. As stated in an interview with the CEO from SKM Wellness, “Other cannabinoids, terpenes, and sesquiterpenes all play an integral role in creating an entourage effect.

This will take place when terpenes synergize with other cannabinoids in the strain being used. There are various combinations, and they can all impact your high that affects perception, sensitivity, and mood. There are over 200 terpenes that have been identified in cannabis, but some are more common than others.

Most Common TerpenesAmong those most common are:

  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Pinene
  • Linalool
  • Humulene

Every terpene will have a distinctive scent and flavor and will also provide various benefits and effects. Some main effects users enjoy include anti-inflammatory, mood enhancement, relaxation, sleep aid, memory retention, appetite suppression, and anti-anxiety.

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High THC Products: What Growers Think

With the many effects of marijuana and health benefits that can be enjoyed, growers have taken a different stance when choosing what strains to grow. For many years, the focus was on growing plants that had a high THC content. We all know that a high THC level will increase your high, but is that always the best option? Growers say no. Today, people are using cannabis for many reasons aside from simply getting high.

Many of today’s growers are cultivating cannabis for the other cannabinoids that are present. Most commonly, growers are looking for products with higher levels of CBD that can be used as medical marijuana. They also consider the level of THC in products, but terpenes play a major role as well. In an interview with an employee at DeepCell, terpenes are a major compound focused on their products. Kelly Ogilvie, “We believe terpenes are the key to the true psychoactive cannabis experience. This is why vapor products can seem “shallow” or “short-lived”. The entourage effect is real and responsible for the psychoactive experiences we define by strains (chemical profiles).”

Skagit Organics CEO QuoteJaden Barnes, CEO/founder/owner of NuLeaf Naturals answers the question "What’s your attitude to THC? Do you think people should prioritize products with high THC percentages?"

Jaden Barnes: "THC offers its own medicinal benefits, which is why we choose to keep it in our products. When THC is able to synergize naturally with the rest of the plant compounds, this full spectrum delivers a more effective product. Consumers should not necessarily “prioritize” products with higher levels of THC. Instead, they should listen to their body and discover which combination of cannabinoids and terpenes work best for them."

Neale Gibbons, CEO of SKM Wellness, shares his point of view on the issue "Should customers  be looking for strains with super high THC levels or something more balanced?"

THC Isn’t As Important quoteNeale Gibbons: "Every consumer has his or her own preferences so I cannot say that there is a one-size-fits-all answer. From my own experience as an operator, I can say there is a misconception that products like flower, for example, get an individual higher if it has a solely high THC value. In reality, we know that the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and sesquiterpenes all play an integral role in creating an entourage effect that will have a greater effect from the sum of its parts. Another way to think of it is that humans only have a limited number of receptor sites for molecules to bind to. Products that are only high in THC may not be fully uptaken because the receptor sites fill up. Conversely, products that offer a broader spectrum of the molecules that make up cannabis will have more receptor sites activated as the broad range of molecules bind to their respective sites, not just the THC sites-thereby creating the entourage effect."

We asked Robert Miller, owner of Purefectionery, a question "What is your opinion on the hype with THC levels? Do you believe that strains/products with the highest THC levels are the ones to look out for – or is it a misconception? Should People look into more balanced products with a healthy balance of THC/ CBD for quality entourage effect?"

THC Isn’t As Important quoteRobert's answer is "You’re talking about “the Bro effect.” “Bro, I got the flower and it’s 33 percent.” “Well, bro, I got this vape and it’s 96 percent.” I have had incredible effects with lower strength strains and firmly believe that it’s the terpenes and THC that give you the best bang for the buck, not necessarily the strongest strains."

Dale Falkenstein, founder and CEO Canada Puffin compares high THC levels and wine: "I like to compare it to wine. There are different types of wines for different environments. There are wines that are suited for social events and specific wines for after dinner."

Fiddler’s Greens team told us about their attitude towards THC and THC products: "THC is a very important part of the cannabis plant but it is by no means the only or most important part. Research shows that keeping that plant whole and intact as a treatment has a much broader therapeutic window at lower doses than using extracts or isolates."

THC Isn’t As Important quote

In addition to the CBD content, many growers are taking a closer look at the ratio of cannabinoids to terpenes. This is just as important as the THC to CBD ratio. One terpene that has become popular with growers is limonene, which causes a citrus smell in strains. It also thins the blood barrier to the brain and allows for more terpenes to be absorbed. This, in turn, produces a stronger high. As you can see, highly potent weed is not just weed with a high THC content.

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