What Is the Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil?

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What Is the Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil?

So you’ve made your mind to taking cannabidiol (fancy word for CBD) oil. Not only will it not get you high as THC does, but it will assist with easing chronic pain, anxiety, or depression. You’ve even selected the correct dosage and consulted with your doctor. But what is the best time of day to take CBD oil? Are there any factors that contribute to taking CBD oil at specific times? Without much hassle, let’s find out the most optimal timing and how to determine it on your own.

Disclaimer: This article is a general recommendation for CBD users. People with severe symptoms should consult their health providers to seek the individually-correct decisions.

Factors That Shape CBD Oil Consumption

Frankly speaking, you are free to consume CBD oil in one shape or another at any time of the day. But if you’re an experienced user or want to achieve particular goals, minding a few factors will help. So, the best time to take CBD mostly depends on the following parameters:

  • Dosage

How much CBD oil should I take a day? Well, if you’re using CBD oil regularly, your health provider has to help you determine the proper dosage. But most importantly, the higher the dose, the better it will be to take it closer to the night. Wondering why? Unless you have acute pain that intensifies at night, taking CBD oil before sleep eases symptoms in the mornings and throughout the day.

Still, each organism reacts to CBD differently, so you should consider experimenting more. Try splitting your dose into two intakes, morning and evening ones, to feel how such consumption eases your symptoms. Either way, the dosage seems to be crucial, so consulting your doctor is reasonable.

  • Type of product

Except for dosage, the type of CBD product you use is also critical in building a schedule. Some forms, such as inhaling or putting it under your tongue, enters your bloodstream almost immediately, bringing the effects you need. Others, including CBD-infused edibles and capsules, work differently, making it through the digestive system. They can take from twenty minutes to a few hours to kick in, so mind that while thinking when to take CBD oil.

  • Purpose of taking CBD

Last but not least is the reason behind using CBD oil in the first place. People use it for various reasons, ranging from helping with sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, or chronic pain. This one is quite logical and straightforward, so if you need to tackle sleep deprivation, consider taking CBD oil before bed. What is more, some people consider using cannabidiol as a healthier replacement for painkillers. For some patients, it works well, especially if they suffer from chronic pain of any form.

Some people also feel energized and focused after taking CBD. That means you can start taking it in the mornings to start your day on a bright note. Vice versa, if CBD brings mostly calming properties to your body, feel free to take it alongside your evening meal. The purposes are many, so as the organism reactions. Mind that!

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While there is no perfect timing, a few patterns are constantly reported by cannabidiol users. In particular, morning, evening, and throughout the day schedules seem to be the most popular. So, let’s find out what are the benefits of sticking to one schedule or another.

Morning CBD Intake

Taking CBD in the Morning

Please note that CBD, unlike THC, has no potent psychoactive properties. In other words, you are free to take it in the morning and stay awake and energized. Besides that, you might want to achieve the following goals while taking CBD oil in the morning time:

  • Boost productivity

As we mentioned earlier, CBD might have different effects from one person to another. For some users, a morning dose of cannabidiol boosts productivity, attention, and focus for the entirety of the day. But unlike caffeine, which works as an energetic burst, oil is a bit different. You’re likely to experience a mindful balance of energy you would want to spread on your daily tasks.

But sometimes, CBD intake in the morning is a tricky thing. Taking too much CBD in some people results in sleepiness. So if you’re about to take cannabidiol for the first time in the morning, experiment with smaller doses. Through trial and error, you’ll eventually find what effect it has on your body.

  • Workout purposes

What time of day should I take CBD oil for a workout? Mornings! It can stimulate your muscles, relax them, and generally contribute to mindful morning yoga. As for more exercise-intensive activities, cannabidiol promotes a positive inflammatory response, making workouts more productive in the long run. And one thing more, warming your muscles up is generally the bright idea, even if you’re not planning to work out consistently.

  • Promoting appetite and easing stress

CBD oil has been proven to help promote a healthy eating schedule for most people. What’s more, researchers are currently interested in finding out how CBD helps building regulating mealtime for persons with anorexia. But as for now, if you have a mild eating disorder, morning is the most significant time to boost your appetite healthily.

For some people experiencing stress, cannabidiol is a great way to bring some calming effects. If you’re about to give a conference speak of your life or have a generally anxious day, a few drops of CBD oil might help. Even if no significant events are about to happen, having stress for a long time is better solved when taking cannabidiol in the mornings.

Evening CBD Intake

Taking CBD in the Evening-2

Prioritizing is critical in cannabidiol consumption, even if you’re experiencing mild symptoms. If none of the mentioned benefits are your goals, evening CBD intake is your solution. You would want to take cannabidiol in the evenings or before sleep to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhanced sleeping

If you’re aiming to take cannabidiol to fix your sleeping schedule, taking it in the evenings or before sleep is the best choice. CBD is a superb remedy for people struggling with insomnia or sleep deprivation as a whole. Since cannabidiol regulates cortisol, a stress hormone, it positively impacts your sleep schedule, mostly when consumed regularly.

  • Relax after a tough day

Had a long, almost hectic day full of challenges and accomplishments? It’s best to take a few drops of CBD oil in the evenings to achieve a relaxed state of mind. After all, the calming properties of cannabidiol are convenient for getting much-needed relaxation.

  • Clearing mind and relieving anxiety

Beyond enhancing your schedule and calming you after a hard day, cannabidiol also helps to clear your mind before the next day starts. If you try combining CBD oil with meditation, you can achieve truly remarkable results. Those experiencing rigid schedules and anxiety from numerous deadlines should indeed consider using taking cannabidiol in the evenings.

Throughout the Day

Even though taking CBD in the mornings or evenings helps most people, some with severe symptoms might need to take cannabidiol throughout the day. But how many times a day can you take CBD oil? Persons with acute pain, chronic stress, and severe eating disorders might need to intake CBD throughout the day. In such instances, there’s no single recipe on how to use oil efficiently.

Instead, give a talk to your health provider, accurately describe your symptoms, and get recommendations on the best time for your organism. Doc might also decrease or increase cannabidiol doses depending on your weight changes. A general rule of thumb is that chronic and severe pain requires a larger dosage, alongside using it more often than once a day.

Even for some people without severe symptoms or disorders, taking CBD oil throughout the day is a great idea. If you are irritated by mid-day fatigue, struggle with morning workouts, and have long-lasting insomnia, take a few CBD oil drops here and there. This way, you’ll experiment on eliminating most of the symptoms you aim to diminish.

Bottom Line

Essentially, CBD oil and its intake is somewhat a trial and error process. You might ask yourself the question, “how often should I take CBD oil?” A few drops of oil are superb in the mornings for some people, while others prefer before-sleep intakes. Since there’s no single recipe, you should mind the factors that shape cannabidiol intake as a whole. These are the dosage, type of product you use, and the effects you’re striving to achieve.

As for the effects, morning intake proves to be helpful for a workout, energizing properties, and promoting healthy eating patterns. As for the evening ones, they are decent for dealing with insomnia, clearing your head after a hectic day, and dealing with anxiety. For some people, either with severe symptoms or numerous objectives, taking cannabidiol a few times a day is the best option. That being said, whether you decide to use CBD oil in the morning or any other time, it’s still a great tool with plenty of benefits for your body and mind.


If you have made your mind to taking CBD before bed, please consider that the exact time varies depending on how you use cannabidiols. When it comes to edibles, you can achieve better sleep if you consume foods a few hours before bedtime. With vaping or smoking, you can take cannabidiol and get to bed almost immediately.
There are generally three patterns that cannabidiol users follow while choosing when to take CBD. Those preferring mornings enjoy energy boosts and the balance of body and mind. In comparison, evening users tend to get better sleep and relax after a hectic day. But you can cheat and combine these two approaches by taking cannabidiol products throughout the day. Be sure to take them in small doses, but make more intakes to reach an optimal balance.
CBD oil can be taken on an empty stomach, allowing for faster absorption into the bloodstream. However, some people may experience stomach discomfort or nausea when taking CBD oil without food. In such cases, taking CBD oil with a small snack or meal can help alleviate these issues. Additionally, taking CBD oil with fatty foods may enhance its absorption as CBD is fat-soluble.
The duration of CBD's effects can vary depending on factors such as dosage, method of administration, individual metabolism, and the specific condition being treated. Generally, the effects of CBD can last anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. When taken orally, such as in the form of CBD oil or edibles, the onset of effects may be slower but can last longer. Vaping or smoking CBD may produce quicker effects but with a shorter duration.
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