5 Alive Seeds for sale
5 Alive Seeds for sale
5 Alive Seeds for sale
5 Alive Seeds for sale

5 Alive Feminized Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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CBD: 0 - 1%

THC: 20 - 22%

Flowering Type: Feminized

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid

Effects: Energized

Flavors: Tropical, Citrus, Melon, Berry

Genetics: Grape Pie x Orange Juice x Bubblegum

Environment: Indoors, Outdoors

Growing difficulty: Easy

Is 5 Alive Feminized Easy to Grow?

Growing 5 Alive seeds is easy. These feminized seeds grow well indoors and outdoors and are ready to flower in 10 weeks upon germination. Interested growers can buy 5 Alive seeds and enjoy a rewarding cultivation experience, provided they can ensure a stable temperature between 20° C and 26° C and a relative humidity not exceeding 50%. Indoor plants yield 400g of weed per square meter of grow space.

Flavor, Taste, and Main Effects

The 5 Alive strain combines the effects of three potent fruity weed varieties: Grape Pie, Orange Juice, and Bubblegum. This weed is distinguished by a strong tropical flavor with citrusy, melon, and berry undertones. It’s very high in THC, standing at 29%. Therefore, new users should prepare for its potent cerebral effects. The strain is popular for boosting creativity and relieving pain, stress, and anxiety.

User Reviews 12


I usually dont like growing hybrids, but this one has completely changed my mind about how easy it was.

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since they were doing so well indoors, i decided to try the outdoors, and i couldn't be any happier by the yields

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Most of the people are gushing over how easy it was for them to plant and harvest and I wish I could say it was the same for me. All in all it needs patience and a keen eye to pull it all the way through.

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Just try it even if you are afraid of failing. You might just be suprised at how well they respond to good tending.

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the shipping was done right on time. Within a few weeks they hjad started to spout and we harvested in a little over 10 weeks. the buds yielded better than we expected and the aroma everything we expected and hoped for

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Levi Holden

I was looking forward to experiencing the fruity smells that most people are talking about, let's just say it was disappointing

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lucky enough to have an outdoor space that I dedicated to growing weed, and let's say my recent plant is outstanding!

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I recently got into planting weed and this was my first feminized plant. Gonna do it again because the yields were unbelievable

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people around me told me to be weary of the climate and temperatures and I religiously did trey and somehow messed it up. I kid you not one wrong move and its over. I’ll try again after I get the right tools and equipment and the strength… sigh

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Goodness me the germination process felt like forever! It was worth it though when the buds came in, man that's some good stuff!

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Tiffany Garrison

everyone kept saying how easy it would be! Well let me tell you, it's not! got a bit of yield but not worth the effort I put in

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I never had the drive or passion for planting cannabis until I saw a blog from the site where I buy my buds. I was not serious about it when starting, but after seeing the flowers pop out I was hooked.

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Crop King Seeds was established in 2005 in Canada and started as a small firm improvising with cannabis seeds. Soon, it turned into a full-fledged company with 300 outlets.. Then, there was a transition into an online store.

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