Gorilla Lemon Fire Seeds for sale
Gorilla Lemon Fire Seeds for sale
Gorilla Lemon Fire Seeds for sale
Gorilla Lemon Fire Seeds for sale

Gorilla Lemon Fire Feminized Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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CBD: 2%

THC: 21 - 25%

Flowering Type: Feminized

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Yields: 500g

Climate: Temperate Continental, Sunny Mediterranean

Effects: Euphoria

Flavors: Pine, Lemon

Genetics: Gorilla Glue #4 x Zkittles x Lemon Pie

Environment: Indoors, Outdoors

Harvest period: October

Flowering period: 8 - 10 weeks

Growing difficulty: Easy

Origin, Typical Tastes, and Effects of Gorilla Lemon Fire Feminized

The Gorilla Lemon Fire seeds produce a highly potent indica-dominant hybrid strain with a 21% THC level and 0.6% CBD content. This strain is developed from a fusion of Lemon Pie, Gorilla Glue no.4 and Zkittlez, awakening the taste buds of users with a yummy pine and lemon flavor. Weed lovers looking for euphoric and calming effects will enjoy this weed variety.

Helpful Tips for Growers 

If you are a new cannabis cultivator, buy Gorilla Lemon Fire seeds and have an easy time planting, maintaining, and monitoring the plants. These seeds are feminized and grow ideally in continental and Mediterranean climates. The plants grow to a maximum of 110cm, which is perfect for indoor or outdoor gardening. Despite the size, growers expect bountiful yields of up to 500g per plant within 8-10 weeks upon germination.


User Reviews 4

Toni Sikes

What has me hooked on Crop King seeds is their amazing variety. Last time I got me this very high THC seeds that I smoked for months. Now that they are almost done I treated my soil and started preparing this. They just germinated and today is planting day Horray!

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honey as long as it says beginner friendly, you know I have to get me some of that weed seeds. Now the feminized part has me a little worried because I have never planted any before but fingers crossed everything turns out perfect and in 9 weeks I will be harvesting huge nugs of Gorilla Lemon Fire buds.

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First thing that amazed me is that I did not need a huge grow space with this Gorilla Lemon Fire seeds.

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being new to growing, I was a bit intimidated by the Gorilla Lemon Fire. But with a little bit of research and patience, I was able to get some great results. The plant grew relatively fast and produced some amazing smelling buds that were potent and tasty

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