Northern Lights Seeds for sale
Northern Lights Seeds for sale
Northern Lights Seeds for sale
Northern Lights Seeds for sale
Northern Lights Seeds for sale
Northern Lights Seeds for sale

Northern Lights Seeds — Autoflower

by Crop King Seeds $65.00 (5 Seeds) $120.00 (10 Seeds) $240.00 (25 Seeds) Buy Now On Official Website
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CBD: 0.90%

THC: 15%

Flowering Type: Autoflower

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Yields: 150g - 250g

Effects: Laziness, Happy

Flavors: Honey-Musk, Earth

Environment: Indoors, Outdoors

Flowering period: 8 Weeks

$65.00 (5 Seeds) $120.00 (10 Seeds) $240.00 (25 Seeds)
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The Northern Lights strain seeds will help you grow this indica-dominant hybrid strain without extensive growing skills. The strain is suitable for indoor and outdoor growing; it's an ascendant of top-quality Afghan weed and refined Thai weed strains. It gives you an exquisite pine flavor and helps improve sleep quality and manage depression, stress, and pain. The buds are purple, with a notable crystal ("frosty") coating, which flower in 45-50 days after planting. There are many reasons to buy Northern Lights seeds for your growing room. These autoflower plants will give you a rich yield in as little as 8 weeks, ensuring a perfect balance of potency and bud quantity. This strain promises up to 15% THC in its composition, giving you a potent, musk-and-honey-flavored treat for a relaxing smoking session before bedtime. Sour Diesel Seeds The Sour Diesel strain is an exclusive mix of delicious flavor and medium potency that many weed lovers look for. The seeds of this sativa-dominant hybrid strain allow growing a feminized plant, thus ensuring higher yields and better potency than its auto-flower counterparts. You get 18% THC and up to 0.8% CBD packed into a citrus-flavored bud with undertones of fruits and diesel. Smoking this weed ensures an uplifted mood for the whole day, making it ideal for a night out with friends or a giggly party. You'll love the Sour Diesel seeds as a grower because they grow really fast and allow you to reap the harvest in 8-9 weeks. Its yields are also impressive; Sour Diesel weed seeds allow growing plants that will provide you with 300g-400g of top-tier buds. Growers often buy Sour Diesel seeds for cultivation in a dry, outdoor climate.
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