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Critical Mass

All About Critical Mass Cannabis Strain


Critical Mass is a pretty popular strain that has been tested for many years by the most demanding consumers. Its super hardy nature has attracted a lot of pro breeders worldwide and beginners as well. It produces rich yields both indoors and outdoors and can survive in cold climates.

Critical Mass is a pretty popular strain that has been tested for many years by the most demanding consumers. Its super hardy nature has attracted a lot of pro breeders worldwide and beginners as well. It produces rich yields both indoors and outdoors and can survive in cold climates.

The highs from Critical Mass are very intense but calming at the same time – a classic Indica high. It does not skyrocket with THC and has an average level of 22-25%. It was developed by crossing the Afghani Indica and Skunk #1.

Critical Mass Weed Strain Effects

A strain of moderate potency, which is absolutely amazing for night time when you want to relax in front of your TV. When the high hits, it makes your body quite heavy to move around. It will most likely improve your mood while making you happy at the same time. All your worries will fade away and put you in a positive mood. Although if you increase the dose, it will make you extremely sleepy and you may doze off into a dream. The effects this strain produces include:

The Critical Mass is pretty popular in the medical circles because of the high CBD levels that can provide pain relief of any sort, especially joint pain, muscle spasms, and migraines. It helps with inflammation as well.

It’s highly recommended to people who are having mental health issues and mood swings caused by chronic stress. It showed positive results against many conditions such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Side Effects

Just like all other strains, this one also has a few negative effects that might bother you. Based on the user reports, side effects are:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Paranoia

Flavors and Aromas

The aroma is close to a honeydew with citrus tones while the smell is kind of earthy. The flavor is a combination of sweet and earthy tones that are present because of the pine and oak wood blends.

Grow Info

The Critical Mass is actually very easy to grow and one of the more beginner-friendly plants. It has a very good yield and harvest and the only thing the plant requires in abundance is water and sunlight while it’s protected from rain and humidity. The only problem which isn’t much of a problem because it’s easily solved is that the buds can get so heavy that you’ll need to either harvest them or build some sort of support, so the branches don’t break. It’s definitely worth growing as the demand is high and it’s very easy to maintain and keep happy.

Critical Mass grows quite tall but it can be grown both indoors and outside and in both situations, it gives a generous harvest. When grown indoors, the Critical Mass strain flowering time is around 8-9 weeks, which is an average length and the yield it will give is about 27 ounces per one square meter. When grown outside, you’ll need to make sure that you’re in a Mediterranean climate for the plant to flourish and the yield it will have will be about 21 ounces per one plant. The flowering time outside is usually somewhere in the middle of September.

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Side Effects
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Side Effects


Strain Cannabinoids
THC question mark
22.0 - 25.0%
CBD question mark
0.61 - 0.59%
CBC question mark
0.31 - 1.26%
CBG question mark
0.08 - 2.18%
CBN question mark
0.05 - 0.24%
THCV question mark
0.25 - 1.2%
Grow Info
Flowering time icon Flowering time
56 - 63 Days
Harvest time icon Harvest time
67 Days
Yield indoor icon Yield indoor
1 - 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
Yield outdoor icon Yield outdoor
1 - 2 Oz/plant (~ 400 g/plant)
Height indoor icon Height indoor
Height outdoor icon Height outdoor
Grow difficulty icon Grow difficulty
Flowering type icon Flowering type

User Reviews


    Cannabis strain with high CBD levels like this one have more curative effects. That’s why whenever I want to get high I choose something that is more medicinal. It is getting high in a healthy way with less or no side effects at all. One of my top 5 best pots.


    This strain offer great relaxation which helps me with stress issues. It calms the mind enabling me not to overthink. It also helps me deal with anxiety attacks. It lowers the attacks and gives me a clear head to act on whats ahead of me.


    Has a strong high that leaves your body heavy. I like using it in the evening after a long day. Helps me relax and uplifts my mood. The best part is the sedating power it has on me. Makes me sleep peacefully without nightmare.

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Critical Mass

How do you like Critical Mass?

Critical Mass

How do you like Critical Mass?

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