List of the Most Popular Skunk Tasting Cannabis Strains

The old-school skunky smelling weed strains remain as popular as usual. Moreover, they are also among the most recognizable types of marijuana globally. The unforgettable smell is the key. According to the US version, the name “skunky” came up as a reference to the so-called animal. For sure, not without a reason. The aroma of terpenes that are found in the skunky tasting strains reminds of the mammal’s defensive spray. The myrcene terpene, in particular, is responsible for the skunky, musky, and earthy smells.

If you haven’t tried skunky strains yet, you might get a bit worried as skunk’s spray isn’t the best odore ever. Well, don’t worry. From sandalwood to vanilla to wild berries, the majority of skunky smelling strains contain a wide range of pleasant-smelling terpenes. As for today, the most popular skunky strains are Tuna Kush, Pineapple Skunk, and Skunk 1. Presented back in 1970, the latter got popular for the perfect combination of musky and earthy tastes along with floral and wooden notes. That’s the classy position you might like getting started with.

Last but not the least, not only most smokers choose skunky weed for its popularity but for its effects. From relaxing and “spacey” Pineapple Skunk to energy-boosting Lime Skunk, there is a wide range of options to choose from. For you to make it easier we have collected the most popular skunky strains that won’t leave you indifferent. Besides, we also have a listing of sour and fruity strains.

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