List of the Most Popular Flowery Tasting Cannabis Strains

Flowery tasting weed strains are popular among those who appreciate tender and sweet floral notes in buds. The smell of spring flowers, airy and fresh, is released by the terpenes found in marijuana. Besides the floral notes, flowery flavor strains can also provide a spectrum of experiences ranging from relaxed to uplifted. An average THC level of these strains exceeds 19%.

Lavender strain is the queen of floral marijuana. Based on skunk genetics, it produces both spicy and floral odor. Just like lavender plants, such buds have sedative and relaxing effects. That is what makes this type of weed a perfect option for pre-bed smoke. It relieves muscle spasms, reduces stress, and creates an overall feeling of calm and relaxation.

Charlotte’s Web is another flowery smelling weed strain that is worth considering. That’s the classic CBD-rich strain that radiates both earthy and floral aroma. The majority of users choose it for its health benefits that include stress and depression relief.

Adding floral weed strains to your favorite edibles is a common option as well. For you, we also have collected the listings of skunk and pineapple flavored weed strains.

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