List of the Most Popular Lavender Tasting Cannabis Strains

Linalool, beta-caryophyllene, and myrcene are the three major terpenes that form the smell of highly fragrant plants. Since they’re found in different proportions in various cannabis strains, they produce flavors ranging from peppery to lavender.

In case of lavender-flavored strains, linalool is the primary component, although the other two terpenes are likely to be present as well. Linalool itself is found in lavender too. That’s why it produces a natural, delicate smell.

For a prime example of a lavender-tasting strain, consider the aptly named Lavender buds. As the name suggests, the main fragrance is lavender, though it also has peppery and citrus undertones. This hybrid has decent THC and CBD contents and combines mood uplifting and relaxation effects.

Most lavender-smelling weed strains are genetic relatives of Lavender. Try Cotton Candy, Lemonder, Wookie, or Lavender Haze if you want to explore both stress relief and a delicate flavor. For deeper relaxation, look for Indica-dominant hybrids like Zombie OG and Lavender Jones.

You may also like chemical tasting strains as they tend to have more intense earthy and citrus smells. Cannabis buds that smell like coffee would be a good choice if you like the earthy undertones more than the lavender smell itself.

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