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Khalifa Kush Wiz Khalifa OG, Wiz Khalifa OG Kush, Wiz Khalifa Kush, Khalifa OG Kush, Khalifa OG, KK

Cannabinoid THC Dominant

THC 23.33 - 25.33%

CBD 1.38 - 1.68%

Effect Happy

Side Effect Thirst and dry mouth

Flavor Lemon

Khalifa Kush Strain Information


High Highest
20% 23% 26% 29% 32% 35%


Low Medium
0% 0.4% 0.8% 1.2% 1.6% 2%


Newbie Skilled

What comes to your mind when you first hear the word Khalifa? We won’t be surprised if your answer is Wiz Khalifa, because he’s the founder of this strain! Yes, you read it right. Khalifa Kush strain (also called Wiz Khalifa OG) is the rapper’s and Colorado-based River Rock company’s brand. Read on for more Khalifa Kush weed strain info.

Khalifa Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain (60 percent Indica/40 percent Sativa). Its THC content is off the charts. It tests between 26 percent and 29 percent and a CBD level of about 2%. The Khalifa Kush marijuana strain is one of the best ones available in the market.

What Are the Origins of the Wiz Khalifa OG?

The Khalifa Kush weed strain is the descendent of OG Kush. That's a unique strain famous for its distinct aroma and strong effects. Khalifa Kush strain was bred especially for Wiz Khalifa by Cookie Co. 415, a dispensary in San Jose, CA. That’s where it gets its name from.

The exact genetics of this bud is a secret. Legend has it the original Khalifa Kush strain’s high is much stronger than those in dispensaries. The original is reserved for the rapper.

What Are the Effects of Khalifa Kush Weed?

This strain is quite popular, due to its super active and stimulating effects. This makes it an ideal candidate for wake-and-bake or midday sessions. According to many users, KK hits you hard with uplifting cerebral effects. These are accompanied by a mellow, relaxing effect. This means that the strain can make you feel relaxed yet energized at the same time. It also boosts your creativity. So, you might find yourself dancing or drawing right after smoking this pot!

Medical Appointments

The medical effects of this weed bud make it quite useful for patients. It can help users in treating a variety of physical conditions. This includes arthritis, chronic pain, migraine, fatigue, nausea, and loss of appetite. It can also help treat mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, PTSD and stress.

Negative Effects

Although there are no such side effects of KK, it’s always good to be careful. Some users reported experiencing a dry mouth after consuming the strain regularly. Other possible negative effects are dizziness, dry eyes, and paranoia (in extreme cases).

What Are the Reasons to Choose Khalifa Kush Weed Strain?

If you’re a fan of Wiz Khalifa, then his name and affiliation with this strain would give you enough reason to try it. But that’s not it - apart from that, there are many other reasons as well to choose Wiz Khalifa OG strain.


The aroma of Wiz Khalifa OG strain is like a basket of citrus fruits - sour and sweet, and very refreshing. It’s strong too, so expect your room to be full of the strain’s fragrance - even if it’s in a wax or oil form. The fragrance will stay for a while, making you crave for more of this strain.


As soon as you inhale the strain, you will feel a sweet and woody taste in your mouth. Wiz Khalifa OG Kush strain creates a refreshing smoke that tastes like a sour lemon. Like the aroma, the smoke also has a sharp citrus flavor. It creates a pungent pine aftertaste when you exhale. KK is guaranteed to leave you asking for more.

Who Should Try This Strain?

As mentioned above, Khalifa Kush has strong and stimulating effects. Beginners might feel overwhelmed. Thus, it is recommended for intermediate and experienced users only. If you’re a beginner and would like to taste this strain, you can take it but in a small quantity. We should warn you that might not be possible because Khalifa Kush is very addictive!

How to Grow Khalifa Kush?

Growing Wiz Khalifa Kush strain plants can be a bit difficult. There is very limited information available about it, but what we do know is that the plant is a phenotype of OG Kush. The plant is known to have medium-sized, bushy and dense buds full of resin. It is an ideal choice for those keen of green growing techniques.

Khalifa Kush seeds aren’t available easy so if you do manage to get your hands on them. make sure you make the experience worth it. The plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors. But the flower yields a higher output - 17 ounces per bud - indoors as compared to 13 ounces per bud outdoors. The flowering time is around 9 weeks. And it should be ready for harvest around late September and early October.

What Edibles Can Be Made from Khalifa Kush?

Before we get onto that, let’s look at why you should make edibles? The answer is simple: a pot edible hits differently than a smoke. You may have tried it all - from oils and blunts to vape pens. But none of them can give you the same flavor and satisfaction as an edible.

Khalifa OG Kush strain is available in the form of gummies. But you can make your own edibles using this strain at home. Making your own cannabis edibles from scratch isn’t easy. It requires patience and proper knowhow of the strain as well as the edible you’re planning to make.

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The Bottom Line

Now you know what is KK. All in all, it’s one of the best strains available out there for intermediate and expert-level users. Once you try it, there’s no going back! We hope that this Khalifa Kush weed strain review was helpful. It will not only help you decide if you should try the strain or not and where you can get it from. But also if you can grow it at home, and what edibles you can make from it.

Side Effects

Thirst and dry mouth icon
Thirst and dry mouth 81% Voted
Dry eyes icon
Dry eyes 42% Voted
Dizzy icon
Dizzy 25% Voted
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Khalifa Kush Strain Cannabinoids

THC 23.33 - 25.33% Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is a major cannabis chemical compound. It is a psychoactive element that stimulates dopamine release and induces euphoria or happiness. THC-rich strains may be helpful with such conditions as lack of appetite, chronic pains , etc. It is considered to be the primary active marijuana component.
CBD 1.38 - 1.68% Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a major compound in cannabis, which is non-psychoactive. It is also proved to counteract the side effects of the second major component THC. CBD is widely used for medicinal purposes in rubs, oils and so on. It is helpful in muscle pain cases, may treat arthritis and migraines. Even Greeks used it against pain, while Queen Victoria applied it to get rid of menstrual cramps.
CBC 0.12 - 0.66% Cannabichromene, or CBC, is a minor cannabinoid, meaning that its quantity in cannabis is quite little. Though it has the same origin as CBD and THC, it is different in functions. Without any psychoactive effects, it is an efficient cannabis compound in combating acne and depression. CBC produces analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.
CBG 0.22 - 0.96% Cannabigerol, or CBG, is one of the minor cannabis compounds in adult plants. On the other hand, young ones contain a lot of this antibacterial and anti-inflammatory component. During the growth, CBG is converted into different cannabinoids, mostly THC and CBD. The compound itself increases appetite and decreases eye pressure.
CBN 0.13 - 0.21% Cannabinol, or CBN, is a trace element in cannabis that is considered to be mildly psychoactive. It appears from oxidation THC, exposed to light and heat. CBN is mostly contained in old cannabis and in traditional hashish. It is effective against insomnia, bacterial infections and appetite loss.
THCV 0.12 - 0.68% Tetrahydrocannabivarin, or THC-V, is a compound contained in cannabis in trace amounts. Even though it is close to THC molecularly, it is different in effects. This compound may be psychoactive only in large amounts. THC-V reduces blood sugar, controls appetite, stimulates bone growth, etc. African Sativa strains are the richest in THC-V.

Khalifa Kush Terpene Profile

Carene 0.05% Carene (also known as Delta-3 carene) is a terpene found in rosemary, lemons, pines, and cedars, offering citrusy and cypress aroma. Studies on mice showed that carene provides anti-inflammatory effects, as well as promotes bone health and chronic pain relief.
Pinene 0.09% Pinene is one of the most widespread terpenes in nature, found in pine trees, basil, nutmeg, parsley, and rosemary. Cannabis containing terpene (alpha-pinene or α-pinene) boasts a strong pine scent. Pinene is responsible for anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and anti-anxiety effects.
Myrcene 0.12% Myrcene (also known as β-myrcene) is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis, representing more than 20% of the modern marijuana terpene profile. Myrcene has a distinct earthy, musky flavor, resembling cloves. It is responsible for calming and soothing effects of weed. Myrcene is also found in hops, thyme, mango, lemongrass, guava melon.
Ocimene 0.01% Ocimene (derived from the Ancient Greek word Ocimum meaning basil) is a terpene with sweet and herbaceous flavors, also boasting citrusy and woody undertones. Naturally, ocimene occurs in mint, parsley, orchids, hops, kumquats, mangoes, basil, bergamot, lavender, and pepper. Offers antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties.
Camphene 0.19% Camphene is terpene common for carrots, pepper, dill, fennel, nutmeg, thyme, as well as other fruits and vegetables. Camphene has a damp, pungent, herbal, minty aroma with pine undertones. In cannabis, mostly found in Indica strains. Camphene causes cooling sensations, having anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antioxidant, analgesic, and antifungal effects.
Humulene 0.02% Humulene (also known as α-humulene) is one of the major terpenes found in cannabis, contributing to woody, earthy, spicy, herbaceous, and, mainly, floral aromas of cannabis. Used in modern medicine, humulene offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and appetite suppressant effects, which have been well-researched by pharmaceutical companies.
Limonene 0.13% Limonene (also known as d-limonene) is the second most common terpene in nature and the third most common terpene in cannabis. It has a powerful citrus aroma and can be found in all citruses, including lemons, oranges, grapefruits, limes, juniper, etc. Limonene is known to elevate moods and provide anxiety, depression, and stress relief.
Linalool 0.05% Linalool (also known as beta linalool, linalyl alcohol, linaloyl oxide, and p-linalool) is one of the rarest terpenes found in cannabis, mostly in small quantities. Linalool is known for its spicy and lavender aroma, bringing relaxation and calming effects. It is also said to provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can be useful for athletes.
Terpinolene 0.02% Terpinolene is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis; however, It's usually presented in small quantities. Is responsible for piney, floral, herbaceous, and even a little bit citrusy aroma of cannabis. Terpinolene can be found in lilacs, nutmeg, and cumin. In cannabis, terpinolene contributes to the sensation of "freshness." Has the potential to reduce the risk of heart diseases.
Phellandrene 0.16% Phellandrene (also known as alpha- and beta-phellandrene) is one of the rare terpenes found in cannabis with antihyperalgesic and antidepressive properties. Phellandrene contributes to a minty, woody, and mildly citrus aroma in cannabis. Previously confused with limonene and pinene, phellandrene was eventually distinguished as a separate terpene common for eucalyptus. Also, it could be found in mint, dill, black pepper, cinnamon, parsley, pine, and lavender.
Caryophyllene 0.14% Caryophyllene (also known as beta or b caryophyllene) is a terpene found in many herbs and spices, such as black pepper, basil, rosemary, and oregano. Cannabis high in caryophyllene delivers a strong spicy, peppery aroma, resembling cinnamon and cloves. Caryophyllene offers potent anti-inflammatory and sedative effects.
Total terpenes content 0.98%

Growing Info

Flowering time 73 - 83 Days
Flowering type Photoperiod
Grow difficulty Moderate
Harvest time 88 Days
Yield outdoor
Yield indoor 1 - 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
Height indoor 60-80
Height outdoor 60-80

Khalifa Kush strain lineage

Khalifa Kush Terpene and Taste Chemistry

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Not bad...a pungent sweetness, slightly piny too. It is good for mental uplifting. You can give it a try but beware its kinds strong and you shouldnt overdo.

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It stimulates all good memories, a kind of spiritual calmness. LOL I did not expect this much nice effect.

Write your reply

Leafly did not mention that the strain will be this strong! Being a novice, I had severe headache like head will explode

Write your reply

Thsi bred strain has a ultra strong effect and I feel blessed that I found it. I fucking needed it and the pungent taste with the slight sweetness is addictive!

Write your reply

Strongly pungent!! But whoaa! Thats the strength I was in search of.

Write your reply

Felt extrememly thirsty but otherwise made me very joyful

Write your reply

I was planning to sleep like wikileaf said but then my speech became retarded, my head swimmed in a wrong way.

Write your reply

Dont really like the rapper but his strain is blockbuster!!

Write your reply

A balanced strain with pleasing sedative effect.

Write your reply

A good night in bed and a great sleep later. <3

Write your reply
Conall Clinton

Didnt expect any less from a Khalifa flower. Its quite similar to other Ogs, earthy taste, but I love high CBD content

Write your reply
Keegan Dannel

Cannot disagree with other reviewers here. This strain is best for relaxing

Write your reply
Fire Away

This cannabis work best as an edilble only. Not so effecitive with blunt or vape.

Write your reply

euphoria is higher with orange candy. KK is milder and less dramatic.

Write your reply

very sour and citrussy!

Write your reply

KK is available in form of gummies and other edibles. You have to be a fan of sweet and sour tastes to enjoy this, its quite pungent! Instant head spin, then sudden calmness. would prefer something more long lasting n slow

Write your reply

Perfect taste and amazing effects

Write your reply

A perfect weed strain when you want to relax and unwind

Write your reply

Khalifa Kush is definitely my favorite bud; coming across such a weed strain with much potent is not easy I love the fact that it makes me creative and active allowing me to do much work around the house I also use it when I have a social function to attend, as it helps relieve my anxiety

Write your reply

This stuff is strong!

Write your reply

I love the giggling effects it causes

Write your reply

Fruity smell with balanced effects

Write your reply

I tried this bud for the first time a week ago and I love it!

Write your reply
Wonder lady

Too strong for a hybrid Indica

Write your reply

My favorite strain

Write your reply

Good dope for stretching and relaxing

Write your reply

Perfect strain for pain relief

Write your reply

Great pot with a relaxing buzz

Write your reply

Great tasting bud!

Write your reply

This is the perfect strain ever!

Write your reply

Good for partying and chatting with friends.

Write your reply

This strain is the dopiest I've tasted so far

Write your reply

This strain brings out the best creativity in me.

Write your reply

I am not a heavy drinker so I prefer weed to get high. This strains works for me.

Write your reply

Perfect strain gives energy and motivation to work.

Write your reply

A friend recommended this strain for pains and it worked perfectly. I highly Recommend it.

Write your reply

Makes me so happy and relaxed.

Write your reply

A great strain when you want to relax.

Write your reply

I attended a party where we had cookies made of Khalifa Kush. It was my best experience ever. I made some friends who turned out to love this weed as much as I do. Makes one very social and confident. It gives you a simple way to strike a conversation.

Write your reply

Love when I smoke it before going to work.

Write your reply

This my go-to strain when stressed.

Write your reply

My best roll when am stressed to clear my head.

Write your reply

This weed clears my head and leaves me feeling happy and ready to conquer.

Write your reply

I have been smoking this flower for some time now and it��s amazing. It has a lifting euphoric and leaves you feeling energized. It has a nice flavor and a sweet aftertaste that leaves your mouth watering. It is a great strain when you have some work to complete.

Write your reply

I used this strain and left me so energized and full of positive ideas.

Write your reply
Mia Williams

Nice buds with powerful effects. My favorite.

Write your reply
Hussein Irvine

The high definitely took a while to take effect, but eventually took over my body.

Write your reply
Ciaran Anderson

Good smoke

Write your reply
Rylee Andrew

Great for pain

Write your reply
Naomi Cervantes

Perhaps a bit too strong for people looking for pain relief during the day.

Write your reply

Worth the money

Write your reply

Perfect for pain

Write your reply
Uzair Watkins

excellent for relaxation

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