Happy Fathers Day Weed: Cannabis Gift Ideas

Irene Stepanenko
Irene Stepanenko

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Happy Fathers Day Weed: Cannabis Gift Ideas

A lot of dads have been getting high on weed since before we were born, which means he's been smoking for a long time. Maybe even since he was your age. So if you need Father’s day weed gifts for the cool dad of yours, we have you covered. We have put together a list of gift ideas so you could come up with the best dank gifts out there.

Weed Fathers Day Presents: What Are the Options?

Cannabis can be an ingredient in food items like candies and baked goods. Or it can be added to drinks like beer and soda pop or non-alcoholic beverages such as iced tea or fruit juice. Cannabis is also used medicinally in many ways, including oils (like CannaOil), tinctures (taken orally), or capsules (which are swallowed like pills). All these things can make great Father’s day weed gifts!

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Finding an amazing marijuana bong as a present for your father is a little more involved than just picking out the first one you see him use. There are a few things you must consider before putting this big decision in his hands. Every father is different, so it's important to know your dad inside and out before buying him a new piece. Here are the steps to picking the best bud for your old man!

Nowadays, bongs come in all sorts of crazy designs: some have double chambers with built-in ashtrays, and others come in a glow-in-the-dark tree style. When choosing a bong, keep in mind that size does matter. A longer bong will create a bigger hit than a stubby one. In addition to thinking about its material and color, you should think about its build quality, considering its glass thickness and shape.

Weed Bong

If you plan to use a glass bong outdoors, at parties, or in other settings besides your own home, then you should consider getting a bong with a percolator. Different types and models of bongs can have different numbers of percolating elements. The more percolators, the more smoke the marijuana user gets rid of the resin, and the cooler it helps keep the plant material.

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Weed Pipe

One of the first things one has to decide is whether he wants to smoke marijuana through a bong or a pipe. This decision is based on nothing else but the ease of use. A pipe is generally easier to use than a bong. Both have their benefits and demerits. Glass pipes are an easy choice for both casual and serious smokers alike. Whether you’re looking for a simple spoon pipe, a cool sherlock pipe, or some kind of awesomely weird bong, glass pipes are an excellent way to kick back and enjoy your flower.

If you're looking to buy a weed pipe as a cannabis Father’s day gift, here are a few tips to help you choose the right one:

  1. The size. Everything will depend on the purpose of buying a weed pipe. If your father is interested in the camping option, which should easily fit in his pocket, then give preference to the device of small size. To those fathers who prefer staunch smoking in the cozy environment at home, you can choose more dimensional units with other advantages.
  2. The material. We can already see that pipes used for smoking marijuana may be made of various materials. You can choose metal, glass, wooden, clay, or acrylic. Again, depending on the purpose of the purchase.
  3. The functionality. Most modern devices are distinguished by thoughtful functionality, making smoking a more comfortable and effective experience. For example, the "Saturn" pipe is made of borosilicate glass. This thick glass is perfect for your father, who will be practicing his pipe-smoking without the burning sensation he might have been experiencing before. The "Original" pipe is equipped with spiral cooling and filtering system for smoke.
  4. The appearance. It is a matter of taste whether the visual solution of the pipe is acceptable or not. If your dad thinks that he is traveling to space with a bright and extraordinary pipe like "Galaxy", it will be a good choice to please him. If he prefers something more traditional, you can choose the smaller "Traveling" pipe. You’re limited here by your own idea of beauty (or your father’s one).

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Not long ago, devices such as vaporizers were new and innovative products on the market for smokers. Nowadays, you can purchase a variety of options, ranging from small cigar-like vapes to tabletop units that are similar in appearance to a bong. If you're seeking weed fathers day gifts ideas for your favorite stoner — or if you simply want to indulge yourself — there are numerous choices available through online head shops.


The vaporizer is a healthier and safer way of using cannabis because it prevents the inhalation of smoke or other pollutants. The principle of a vaporizer is based on the physical phenomenon in which steam absorbs and condenses normally gaseous molecules. The device converts active compounds and essential oils in your smoking substances into steam by heating them to a certain temperature. The device allows you to smoke without producing any harmful smoke. The vapor produced during the evaporation of substances is generally less harmful to health than smoke. When a stoner dad needs to take a break from the daily routine, this gift will do the trick.

Rechargeable Vaporizer

Cannabis users are some of the most creative people in the world. It's no question they're constantly coming up with new ways to use weed that they didn't even know was possible. For a long time, extraction was the only way to get the most out of your cannabis. Then bongs, pipes, and blunts became the dominant delivery system for cannabis. And now, thanks to technology, we have rechargeable vaporizers. So if your dad is into being on the cutting edge of cannabis technologies — this is your choice to make a Father's Day present.

Rechargeable vaporizers have long-lasting batteries and come with chargers, so you never have to worry about them running out of power. These devices are more cost-effective in the long run, last longer than disposable ones, and are better for the environment. However, you should keep in mind that it’s users' responsibility to keep their vapes fully charged and juiced. A little bit of maintenance and a quick cleaning every so often is all you need to do to keep your device working correctly.

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Weed Brownies

If your father is a sweet tooth, then a cannabis-infused brownie is a great father’s day marijuana gift! Marijuana affects the body and consciousness in different ways, depending on whether it’s smoked or eaten. When you smoke marijuana, your body converts the non-psychoactive THC, the main psychotropic component of marijuana, into THC delta-9. THC has this interesting property of activating certain neurons in the brain, which makes weed smokers recognized by becoming relaxed and giggly.

Weed Brownies

Once eaten, marijuana has a different effect, as the body actually turns the non-psychoactive form of THC into THC delta-11 and not THC delta-9. This, in turn, causes a different effect on the human mind and body: its consequences are more pleasant than the effect of smoke from a rolled marijuana cigarette. And this is the reason why a chocolate brownie topped with marijuana is a favorite treat among recreational cannabis consumers.

Stoner Socks

Yes, there is even one! And if you want to surprise your mom and give her a non-trivial present, then why not CBD-soaked socks? They interact with the natural heat of the body and act on the legs, removing fatigue and even pain. CBD effects last for about 30 washes. Everyone who has tried it claims to have experienced a mild change in consciousness and had a wonderful, sound sleep.

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Cannabis Gifts That Keep on Giving

So, you are considering gifts that can be used regularly. If you are looking to avoid those one-time use gag gifts, the right choice is to think about products that your dad can use over and over again. Or, if you’d really like to treat him after all that he’s done for you, try combining a few select items into a kit that any cannabis connoisseur would be proud to have in his arsenal.

Here are some ideas to make the perfect gift set:

  • A new pipe or bong (or both) with a bag of premium buds;
  • A go-to weed accessory with an ounce of your father’s favorite strain;
  • A pre-rolled joint or blunt plus an edible gummy or a chocolate bar.

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Father’s Day is especially great when you come from a family that has anything to do with cannabis. Even if you are not close, your dad probably is, or at least is a fan of the plant and its products.

There are various forms of cannabis that can be used for treating “cannafathers” on this special occasion. You can gift him a cannabis seed pack from a reputable seed bank, a cook-it-yourself edibles recipe book, or a new portable vaporizer (because for true stoner dads, one vaporizer is not enough!)

Remember that no matter what you choose, remember that it is LOVE that you give him in the first place — it's just infused with the taste of cannabis.

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