25+ Fun Gift Ideas For Cannabis Growers

Irene Stepanenko
Irene Stepanenko

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25+ Fun Gift Ideas For Cannabis Growers

So, the big event is coming. It may seem that it is really hard to give a creative, fun, and at the same time useful gift to a cannabis grower, but our goal is to prove that it is not true. The world is changing, and cannabis becomes more and more popular. Today, this is the cult plant, and you know what happens to cult things – manufacturers start to produce tons of goods and products that might pique the interest of the target audience. Well, this is good news for us.

Below, you will find a lot of fun gift ideas. There are some cool gifts for those who have enough time to do a small research and choose between tons of goods on the market, as well as some last-minute cannabis gifts ideas for those who are in a rush. And yes, we added some useful ideas for those who think that practical gifts are better, too.

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Grow Boxes

What is it about grow boxes every cannabis expert wants one? The deal is, they sky-rocket the harvest. Grow boxes also eliminate the possibility of mold or any kind of plant infection. Read, no pesticides or chemicals will affect the taste and quality of the buds. Some of the coolest modern-day grow boxes can be synchronized with IOS and Android, allowing you to monitor the growth of a plant.

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Anti Marijuana 1940s Poster

Christmas gift ideas for cannabis growers

“The smoke of hell...” “The devil’s harvest...” “A vicious racket...” However hard they tried to ban marijuana in the 1940s, weed still prevailed 81 years later, revealing itself as a wonderful substance for medical and recreational needs (consumed in moderation, of course.)

In case you’re struggling not to get lost in gazillions of weed gifts, go for this sleek, stylish, and witty post-Great Depression era anti-weed poster, which will definitely fit into any stoner’s minimalistic apartment interior.

The irony is strong in this one!

Led Lamps

With the rapid development of tech and the growing legalization of weed, newer models of led lamps are entering the mass market. Unlike their ancestors, modern versions are specifically designed for growing weed. They guarantee a high-quality harvest, density, and plant growth rates. Can you think of a better present for a dedicated grower?

Glass Pipes

A glass pipe is a top gift for every experienced consumer and for someone who does not mind tasting his products from time to time. They are waterproof, they do not make weed taste and smell different, they look fantastic, i.e., they do everything that they are supposed to do. By the way, the selection of classic, creative, vivid, fun pipes is super wide on niche stores and on Amazon.

Great Bong for Growers

If you are looking for some practical gift ideas for a cannabis lover, the great bong is a win-win choice. This is not a cheap item, so the future owner will be happy to get it, especially if it holds enough water, cools, and then filters the smoke. The selection of shapes and colors is more than just impressive.

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Cool Grinders

Not only is a grinder a useful tool but also a stylish accessory. That is what makes it a perfect gift for those who value both cannabis and aesthetics. Keep in mind that some weed lovers prefer to break up buds manually. Make sure that you won’t present a grinder to one of them. The rest cannot go wrong – there are so many cool designs, well-known brands, and creative items to choose from.

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Yes, giving someone who grows cannabis edibles may seem weird, but you should not underestimate this idea. There are tons of creative things you can buy or cook: lollipops, chocolate bars, pretzels, truffles, muffins, lozenges, chewing gums, coffee, and so on.

Popular edibles:

1000mg Delta 8 Gummies Exotic Peach logo

Delta 8 Gummies 1000mg

by Just Delta
  • 36 mg THC
  • 240 g Weight
  • Exotic Peach Flavour
Pink Paradise Delta-8 Gummies logo

Cannabis Life Pink Paradise Delta-8 Gummies

by Cannabis Life
  • 750 mg THC
  • 120 g Weight
  • Pink Paradise Flavour
Delta-8 Gummies 5000mg Paradise Mix logo

Chill Delta-8 Gummies Paradise Mix 5000mg

by Chill
  • 25 mg CBD
  • 5000 mg THC
  • 32 oz. Weight
$127.49 $169.99

Vaporizers That Growers Will Appreciate

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

A vaporizer is a great gift for every experienced consumer, and who is more experienced than a grower? It is known that the vaporizer strengthens the effect of weed, so the one who gets this gift will be able to test his product and feel everything his customer will feel or more.

Set of CBD Beauty Products

Okay, inhaling smoke or vaporizing it is a fun, old, and effective way to consume cannabis, but every grower knows that this unique plant is even more useful than it may seem. CBD skincare and topicals are super useful – they are often used to improve skin, reduce inflammation, and even relieve pain. By the way, these are not the products that growers can easily make on their own, so if you are looking for something as cool as useful, this might be the best option ever.

CBD Cream Replenishing Moisturizing logo

GoGreen Hemp CBD Cream Replenishing Moisturizing

by GoGreen Hemp
  • 150 mg CBD
  • 0% THC
  • Flower Flavour
CBD Bath Bomb logo

JustCBD Relaxation CBD Bath Bomb

by JustCBD
Write review
  • 150 mg CBD
  • 0% THC
  • Lavender, Rose, Eucalyptus, Citrus, Sweet Cherry Flavour
CBD Lavender Face Mask 10 Pack logo

CBDfx CBD Lavender Face Mask 10 Pack

by CBDfx
Write review
  • Lavender CBD
  • free THC
  • 21 g Weight

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

If your friend is into edibles, that’s the gift you can’t miss. A сannabis leaf-shaped cookie-cutter is both useful, and funny. Such cutters work great for any kind of daw, fruit, and sandwiches.

Emotional Support Stone

Christmas gift ideas for cannabis growers

A good Dolato weed or Gelonade strain and brighten your day in a click. However, if your weed contact lost their phone or claiming the stock is empty, the task of cheering you up might be laid upon this little cute emotional support stone.

Hilarious and adorable, emotional support stones are great at, well...emotionally supporting!

They say that emotional support stones are the best gifts for stoners. A stone for... stoners, do you get it?

Also, if you’re not in the mood of spending $35,00 on a painted rock with a cute face on it and the other person you’ll be giving it out to is really dear to you, you can make an emotional support stone gift yourself. Though the question is – are you a talented enough artist to paint such a *cute* face on a plain rock? Finding a perfect stone fit for becoming an Emotional Support Stone over at your nearest riverside would also be quite a challenge.

Digital Magnifiers or Loupes

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

From time to time, any cannabis grower wants to take his harvest to a whole new level. If your friend is at such a stage, think of getting a magnifier for him. The tool acts as a jeweler’s loupe. It allows one to define the perfect timing for harvest by zooming the buds. As a result, a grower won’t miss the moment sparkly trichomes appear. If your friend is into tech or art, think of giving him a digital magnifier that can also take photos and videos!

Loupe is one of the indispensable tools when it comes to growing, and yes, a good loupe is not cheap, so this might be a great gift idea for those who want to give something really cool and pricey to someone close to them.

Mugs for Cannabis Growers

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

People expect the government to legalize marijuana in the near future, and the mug industry has no choice but to react. Today, the growing amount of ceramics with cannabis-related designs are entering the market. Being among the most popular gifts, these cups vary in shapes, designs and colors. You can find tons of cool mugs for marijuana growers and lovers, and some of them will definitely make you smile.

Necklaces That Growers Say Thank You For

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

Necklaces with CBD and THC molecule pendants are both creative and symbolic. They are reserved and less of a cliche than simple “I love marijuana” necklaces. Besides, you won’t get any annoying stares. Only similar-minded people will understand what a necklace really means to the owner.

Hidden Safe

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

Why does a grower who has a legal business need a hidden safe for his product? Well, the answer is simple – it is fun! There are a lot of cool designs and tons of ideas you have never expected to see – there are safes looking like lint rollers, cleaning supplies, etc.

Indeed, hidden safe is rather about fun, then hiding. No wonder that the majority of growers love to have a secret place to store cannabis and smoking accessories. Such a gift is a great combination of affordability, usefulness and fun.

Cannabis Flavored Candles

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

Okay, that may sound weird, but buying cannabis flavored candles can really make a great gift. The flavor of top-quality cannabis candles is much more delicate and pleasant than the smell you feel when someone smokes a joint. The best thing about them is not only that they smell great but also that they look fantastic in any interior.

Top Lighter for Cannabis Growers

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

Lighter is a great gift if your friend is not only a grower but also a consumer. If you are sure that the birthday boy does not mind smoking the joint or using his favorite bong from time to time, a lighter will be a win-win choice. Consider the preferences of a person, and choose a perfect lighter from the widest range of goods.

Smoking Cases

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

Are you looking for a great gift for someone who has a very good taste? You can give this person a super-stylish smoking case that carts around at least five joints. The prices vary, but the great-looking wood case will cost you about 50 dollars.

Wood Stash Box

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

A nice-looking box itself is a great gift for every cannabis lover, so even if you do not know a person well, you can just pick a good-quality box, and you will not go wrong. If you want to add some value, you can add some items, for instance, a pipe, paper, or any other small item.

Cute Jar

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

Of course, a grower has containers to store cannabis. However, let us be honest – most people in this business not only grow but also consume. That is why we believe that a cute jar that is used to store only the owner’s weed. By the way, there are a lot of cool stash jars to choose from.

Smell-Proof Bag

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

Of course, growers get used to the smell of cannabis, but the same cannot be said about other people. That is why the smell-proof bag is a great gift for someone who wants to store some weed for himself and his closest friends and always has the possibility to bring it somewhere without causing any trouble for other people.

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Fancy Cannabis Ashtrays

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

If your friend uses nothing but bong and/or a vaporizer, giving him a fancy ashtray is not the best idea. However, if he believes that smoking a joint is the best way to feel that good old effects of THC, a cool ashtray might be the hit at the party. The shapes, colors, and prices vary.

Butter Machine

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

A good businessman always seeks to expand the range of products. Smoking a joint never goes out of style, but making cannabis butter may be the first step toward a more varied diet. There are so many fantastic recipes and so many effective, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean cannabis butter machines that not only allow cooking healthy cannabis foods but also allow making cannabis beauty products.

Books About Growing

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

A book is the best gift, isn't it? If you consider the preferences, experiences, and goals of your grower friend, you will not go wrong with the choice. If you are going to give something cool to a newbie, choose a book for a beginner, and if he is a pro, choose one of the books recommended by top growers – it is pretty easy to find a bestseller in any online store with cannabis goods.

Cooking Books

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

This is another great option for cannabis growers. As we have noted before, smoking and even vaporizing good old weed is always a good idea, but sometimes you just need something different. There are tons of sweets and meals that can be cooked with cannabis, and more importantly, that can have the same effects, so why not inspire your friend and provide him with all the info he needs to start experimenting?

Board Games for Cannabis Growers

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

Are board games for geeks and kids only? Well, we can hardly imagine someone less geeky than a cannabis grower, and a board game can still be the best gift ever. Did you know that manufacturers have already created some cool games for cannabis lovers? Why not buy ‘Ganjaland’ to have a lot of fun at the birthday party or any other day?


Gift ideas for cannabis growers

Do not be skeptical about this idea – coasters do not have to look like you took them off your grandma’s oldest trunk. You might be surprised to know how many cool cannabis designs are there on the market. Choose the material (we recommend to pick porcelain ones), choose the design, and enjoy giving one of the most useful and the most creative gifts.

Sheet Sets

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

The number of sheet sets designs is mind-blowing. It seems that there is nothing that is not printed on sheets and pillowcases, and, of course, manufacturers could not ignore the high demand for cannabis products and cannabis “merchandise.” If you know that a grower likes stuff like that, why not choose the top-quality sheet sets with tons of leaves or funny sayings about weed on them?

Cannabis Toys

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

Want to have a giant joint? Or a giant marijuana leaf? Well, these are certainly not the most useful gifts ever, but if your friend seems to have all the useful things in the world, a fun toy reminding a grower of his calling might be the right choice.

Mood Mat

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

If you have already given a top bong or a water pipe to a grower last year, why not give the mood mat to collect the whole set? There are two great things about such sets. Firstly, they are super useful – they protect surfaces from scratches and scrapes. Secondly, there are so many shapes, colors, and designs to choose from!

Smoke Eater Sprays Useful for Growers

Gift ideas for cannabis growers

Well, this is not the most fun yet really useful gift to all growers who taste their products from time to time. Just choose a set of sprays that kill any smells – any grower (or at least the non-smoking friends of the grower) would be forever grateful for this gift.

Final Thoughts & Gift Recommendations

If you want to give something really great to a grower, all you need is some great gift ideas (hope you have already found at least a few above), some time, and some imagination. It may seem that a pipe is just a pipe, a mat is just a mat, and beauty products are just creams and lotions, but it is not exactly true.

You can give the best gift ever if you think about a person’s preferences, tastes, desires, things that make him or her laugh, etc., and “customize” a gift a bit by choosing something objectively and subjectively great. For instance, if you are going to give something cool to someone who grows weed and loves minimalistic designs, just choose a pipe that is connected to both of these passions, and you will never go wrong with your gift.

Cannabis is trendy, and today, all weed lovers, cannabis growers, and their friends can choose between thousands of fun, useful, or fun and useful goods. So why not benefit from the new trends and choose the best cannabis gifts for for your friends and loved ones that you can find in this article?

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