Think Different Seeds for sale
Think Different Seeds for sale
Think Different Seeds for sale
Think Different Seeds for sale
Think Different Seeds for sale
Think Different Seeds for sale

Think Different Autoflower Seeds

by Herbies Shop
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CBD: 0.00 - 1.00%

THC: 16 - 18%

Seed Type: Autoflower

Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid

Yields: 4oz - 11oz (100g - 300g)

Climate: Temperate, Sunny

Effects: Euphooooria!

Flavors: Fruity, Sweet, Earthy

Genetics: AK 47 hybrid

Plant size: 39 inches (100 cm)

Environment: Indoor, Outdoor

Harvest period: All year

Flowering period: 10 - 11 weeks

Growing difficulty: Easy

Think Different Seeds Genetics, Aroma, and Taste

Think Different is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It is a cross between Ruderalis and AK-420, which is a unique hybrid of AK-47. This cannabis is a part of the Think Strain family, along with the Think Fast and Think Big strains. The weed is available in an autoflower feminized version and is known for its haze-like aroma that blends perfectly with its sweet and tropical taste. Think Different seeds are great for beginners looking for a reliable and high-yielding strain with easy growth.

Cultivating Think Different Autoflower

It is best to use training methods like SCROG to maximize the yield. Think Different autoflower seeds require 70-77 days from seed to harvest. The indoor yield is over 10 ounces per m2, and the outdoor yield is 17 ounces per plant. The weed prefers warm and dry climates, so make sure it has enough light when grown indoors.

Flavor and Effects of the Strain

When the Think Different seed is grown and buds are ready for harvest, cultivators will enjoy their uplifting and energetic effects. Thanks to 16-18% THC level and cannabinoid content, this weed's high is very potent and cerebral. The terpene composition leads to a blend of fruity, sweet, and citrus undertones similar to the Haze varieties.

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