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C13 Haze
Strain effect image Euphoric, Giggly, Creative
Strain taste image Flowery, Mango, Tropical

DNA Genetics’ C13 Haze Strain: A Pleasantly Strong High


If you were wondering if C13 is not shorthand of some military aircraft like C17, your guess might not be that far off. The THC content of this weed strain definitely put it up there in cloud nine, making you feel on top of the world.

It has a THC level that ranges between 15% to 20% and that is quite high, bringing some great effects. What is so special about this cannabis strain? Here is a detailed review of this weed outlining the good and negatives of it:

Information about C13 Haze

The C13 Haze is a hybrid of both Sativa and Indica but the latter is significantly less dominant. Sativa dominates this kush with a whopping 80% leaving only 20% for its counterpart.

Breeding this type of marijuana was nothing short of creative and a manifestation of ingenuity. The breeders sure did give their time when carefully developing this kush and the results were amazing.

History of this strain

As you might expect, the history of this weed lies in the two strains that were mixed to develop it. Those two strains that make up the lineage of C13 haze are Cannalope Haze and G13. Hence the name C13.

It was a shorthand of the two names mixed together. It was developed by DNA Genetics, a company very creative regarding developing new innovative strains.

Effects of this type of cannabis

The effects of the cannabis are leaning towards the dominance of Sativa in them which entail:

  • Users will feel a huge burst of energy with both the mind and body feeling energized and motivated to undertake challenging tasks.
  • The focus of the users are also increased, making them handle more complex and analytical tasks.
  • You might also feel very sociable and that will prompt you to engage in conversation more easily and effortlessly.
  • After smoking it, users also feel happy and euphoric.
  • Creative individuals also like the improvement of their creative side.

Medical effects of the C13 Haze

There are many medical effects that the C13 Haze strain has on its users. Because of its effects, it has been used for the following medical conditions:

  • People suffering from mental and mood conditions such as bipolar disorder and depression can use this cannabis to treat these illnesses.
  • If you experience muscle spasms and fatigue, this marijuana can help treat these ailments.
  • Chronic pain and migraines also fall under the list of conditions treated by C13 Haze.
  • Other conditions include nausea, chronic stress and ADD/ADHD.

Side effects

Just like most strains, this one also has its own side effects but they are common across all types of cannabis. There aren’t any serious adverse side effects that have been reported about this particular weed.

The most common side effects are dry eyes and mouth, which are mostly reported on almost all types of weed. Users who are prone to panic may experience some difficulty when smoking this cannabis when doing so in an unfamiliar place.

Why choose this cannabis?

The C13 Haze weed has many benefits but above that, there are some characteristics that should make you choose this cannabis, they include:


Each bud of this marijuana looks light green and some hints of orange all around the nugs. There are also some hints of brown all around the buds on top of the light green and orange with trichomes.

Smell and aroma

The pot has a strong, rich coffee aroma with some scents of cocoa and berry from the onset. When sparking the weed, it releases an earthy musk that adds on the spicy, peppery smell released when grinding the kush.


Flavors of this weed complement the smell and aroma with the peppery taste accompanied by that of rich coffee and cocoa.

Who is more suitable to smoke this weed?

The C13 Haze marijuana is suitable to be smoked by anyone but people who are particularly sensitive to THC should not try it out. Beginners can enjoy smoking this strain and getting a feel of the effects.

People working in stressful jobs that require additional focus and concentration can benefit from this kush. People working as artists, creative writers and graphic designers that require an extra boost of creativity can also enjoy this kush.

The opinion of growers about this pot

Although this strain was developed by DNA genetics, the seeds are openly available on the commercial market. That makes more growers have access and they are satisfied with the growth of this cannabis. It is simple to grow and takes a reasonable amount to flower and be ready for harvest.

Popularity amongst growers

The marijuana is quite popular amongst home growers and other larger operations apart from the one of DNA Genetics. It is popular in both audiences that prefer growing outdoors and outdoors.

The latter overpowers indoor growers in terms of numbers because there are more that prefer that method of growing. Its popularity is continually steadily growing as more states and countries ease up their marijuana policies.

How can you grow this marijuana?

Growing this type of marijuana is not particularly complex. Although that is true, it might need some extra tender loving care when grown indoors, depending on the space you have allocated for it.

The kush takes about 10 to 11 weeks to start flowering and being ready for harvesting. It offers a considerable amount of yield to both types of growers, regardless of the elements.

Can it be used to cook edibles?

Using this strain for edibles should be done so with caution because of the THC content. You might need to vape the kush before using it on any type of edibles to render it safe for consumption. The flavors outlined above will be much more noticeable when it has been paired with other ingredients.

Similar Strains


C13 Haze gives an energizing high to its users, making them feel happier and more euphoric. It also works well with patients suffering from depression, chronic pain, and other medical conditions. You can grow this strain by purchasing the seeds and starting to cultivate it.

Euphoric Icon
65% Voted
Giggly Icon
67% Voted
Creative Icon
65% Voted
Flowery Icon
66% Voted
Mango Icon
68% Voted
Tropical Icon
65% Voted
Side Effects
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65% Voted
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68% Voted
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53% Voted
Thirst and dry mouth

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Side Effects


Strain Cannabinoids
THC question mark
14.0 - 17.0%
CBD question mark
0.16 - 0.65%
CBC question mark
0.24 - 0.98%
CBG question mark
0.28 - 1.17%
CBN question mark
0.1 - 0.27%
THCV question mark
0.44 - 1.63%
Grow Info
Flowering time icon Flowering time
68 - 78 Days
Harvest time icon Harvest time
87 Days
Yield indoor icon Yield indoor
0.5 - 1 Oz/Ft² (~ 300 g/m²)
Yield outdoor icon Yield outdoor
1 - 2 Oz/plant (~ 400 g/plant)
Height indoor icon Height indoor
Height outdoor icon Height outdoor
Grow difficulty icon Grow difficulty
Flowering type icon Flowering type

User Reviews

    Mireille Manns

    Oh Boy. Smoking joints are now different than ever before. This is a dope that I will use every single day. Once or even four times a day


    I have now more moodswings than before. NOT something that I would do again. I want to feel better after smoking a joint. Not feel worse.


    C13 for president. Then we will all be high.


    Thanks for C13. It gives me all the benefits it claims to give.


    Sign me up for more. I use a lot of strain each day. This is by FAR the best I ever used.


    C13 isnt anything like coffee or peppery. In fact it makes me puke. I dont like it and will not want to ever smell or taste it again


    This makes my day. I want more. For sure


    Awesume aroma filling the room


    C13, marry me?


    LOL. I am giggling too much


    Coffee and cacao, my ass


    #C13 for me!

    Stanley Collins

    Uplifting social high

    Stella Thwaite

    Buzz is quite acting compared to other strains. Lasts a bit shorter, but a great way to relax indeed

    Mazie Simpson

    Pumps up libido

    Jorge Winters

    Very stimulating strain!

    Garret Parris

    Unexpected mood swings in first puffs

    Randall Wilson

    Great for hangouts with friends!

    Candace Petersen

    One of the best strains for jam sessions. Sets the mind loose to wonder freely.

    Troy Sollars

    Chases away all negativity

    Denise Palmer

    The taste reminds of cocoa

    Diana Luna

    Highly recommended strain!

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