List of the Most Popular Eucalyptol-dominant Cannabis Strain

Eucalyptol, also known as cineole, immerses a fresh, deep eucalyptus, minty scent. It is considered to be a cyclic monoterpene. As the name implies, eucalyptol is found in eucalypt trees in significant amounts. It is also produced by cannabis, rosemary. The terpene is widely used in the production of lotions, essential oils, and balms. Yet, the greatest benefit of eucalyptol is its strong medical potential.

This terpene has inhibitory activity against several species of bacteria, for example, Staphylococcus. The growing body of research also suggests it to be a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s. That is possible thanks to terpene’s anti-inflammatory abilities. Being an antioxidant, eucalyptol helps to combat leukemia and colon cancer cells. Another health benefit of eucalyptol is rooted in its ability to cope with asthma and improve overall lung functions.

No wonder that eucalyptol weed strains are used for health purposes globally. Combined with other terpenes, it can boost relaxation, treat chronic diseases, relieve pain, battle inflammation, and reduce stress.

Besides eucalyptol terpene strains, we have also collected Geraniol and Trans-nerolidol strains for you.

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