Grower Stories #91: Pete Feurtado Jr

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Grower Stories #91: Pete Feurtado Jr

Treats for You, From the Family: An Interview With Pete Feurtado Jr., CEO of Big Pete’s Treats

There are few things as satisfying, delicious, and heartwarming than a fresh-baked cookie. So it only makes sense to take that up a notch with a cannabis-infused kick. That’s where Big Pete’s Treats comes in. AskGrowers caught up with Pete Feurtado Jr., CEO of the cannabis-infused cookies brand about their origins, their recipes, and their favorite strains. #growerstories

Tia (AskGrowers) : What inspired you to get into the cannabis industry?

Pete Feurtado Jr. : I have always had a passion for cannabis. So when I graduated college in 2010 I knew I could get in on the ground floor of an industry that I already loved.

Tia : How did you start Big Pete’s Treats? Tell us your origin story!

Pete : My dad Big Pete and I started our business in 2010 with a wooden spoon and a mixing bowl out of his home kitchen in Santa Cruz, California. We started by testing our cookies on our friends and they all said you need to bring these to the dispensaries. From day one, our cookies were a hit. Our goal was to have consistent treats that were an enjoyable experience from the taste to the effects.

Big Pete's Treats products picture
Tia : So, tell us more about your cookie recipes! Do you have any secrets about making those? :)

Pete : It all starts with the cannabutter. Cookies made with cannabutter are better. This is our secret sauce and one of the main reasons we have become the leading baked good brand in California.

Tia : Who usually works on the flavors of your cookies? How do you guys come to a final choice on flavors and varieties?

Pete : It is a collaborative effort for sure. We have an amazing team of bakers starting with Jessica and Dan. My wife Chelsey and Big Pete’s Partner Jody bake amazing things all the time at home and we take our favorites from our family recipes and turn them into great cannabis treats. You can call it the family R&D department.

Tia : What brands out there make snacks that are almost as good as yours?

Pete : I have heard Emerald Sky Peanut Butter cups are great.

Tia : What’s your personal consumption routine? What are the top three products that you’re using?

Pete : I have been eating our Strawberry Coconut cookie. It is vegan and gluten-free and my favorite teasing cookie. I also enjoy smoking a joint at night.

Big Pete's Treats interview quote
Tia : Your top strains to smoke? Why?

Pete : My top quality for bud is the taste. I like citrus-flavored buds like Lemontree and Tangie. You also can't go wrong with Jack or Sour D for the old-school strains. I also love Grand Daddy Purple. There are so many great flowers out there.

Tia : If you could smoke with anyone in this world, who would that be and why?

Pete : [tooltip title="Barack Hussein Obama II" content="The 44th president of the United States."]Barack Obama[/tooltip].

Tia : Are there any cannabis brands in your state you appreciate and follow? Name them.

Pete : Kiva, Plus Gummies and Cookies.

Tia : What industry would you choose to work at, if not the cannabis one? Why?

Pete : Being a part of the sports and entertainment industry would be awesome. I think I would be good at being an agent or business manager. I love business so anything business-related I enjoy.

Big Pete's Treats interview quote
You can follow Big Pete’s Treats at:





Thank you so much, Big Pete’s Treats team, for taking the time to do the interview. To learn more about them, head on over to their website.

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