List of the Most Popular Alpha-bisabolol and Bisabolol-dominant Cannabis Strain

Alpha-bisabolol is an aromatic terpene that immerses a sweet floral aroma. Besides cannabis, it is found in chamomile and South African candela trees. The terpene is often referred to as a-bisabolol, levomenol, or simply bisabolol. Alpha-bisabolol is widely used in producing soaps, shampoos, and different types of cosmetic treatments for sensitive skin. It is also widely utilized in the pharma industry.

Unlike primary terpenes (Myrcene, Linalool, Limonene), Alpha-bisabolol is found in cannabis in smaller amounts. Yet, it also has a wide range of positive effects. The terpene fights infections, reduces inflammation, and even stops the spreading of cancer cells (in lab settings). Alpha-bisabolol, just like CBD, supports the immune system and promotes relaxation. That’s why patients with insomnia, stress, depression, and anxiety benefit from using Alpha-bisabolol strains.

The anti-inflammatory usefulness of the terpene can not be underestimated as well. Alpha-bisabolol terpene strains seem to reduce the number of cytokines, proteins released by the immune system in response to the inflammation.

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