List of the Most Popular Diesel Tasting Cannabis Strains

Diesel flavor strains are relatively new to the cannabis industry, but despite this fact, they also gained their popularity. First of all, it’s necessary to understand how this fuel aroma appears. Unlike many other flavors, which require only one terpene to express itself, this one is a combination of at least two. Diesel flavor emerges because of a cross between Limonene and either Myrcene or Caryophyllene, which add a touch of oil or fuel. At the same time, some cannabis strains can content each of those together. It is undeniable that some fuel-taste strains contain other terpenes, but they mainly just adjunct the diesel flavor. 

Like all other marijuana, those with a fuel fragrance offer curative effects, depending on the terpenes that they contain. But the distinctive feature of weed with this scent is a tendency of stress-relieving and relaxing effects.

A THC level of these strains can range between 11% and 28%+, which is quite a variety. Though, the best part of them contains an average THC level of about 17-22%. Be careful while choosing because a small THC content doesn’t always mean that strain is not potent.

If one is looking for a pungent diesel flavor, then we can suggest a few options. It is sensible to start with a legendary hybrid strain Chemdawg. This is one of the ancestors of diesel flavor strains and it can impress with its pungent and sharp fuel flavor. It usually provides relaxation, feelings of euphoria and happiness, and sometimes a boost of creativity. On the other hand, this one is extremely potent and can cause hunger, so it’s not the best choice for novices. OG #18, aka Private Reserve OG, is another strain, which emits a distinct fuel flavor mixed with sweet skunk. It provides a long-lasting sedative high that also brings relaxation and happiness. When consuming it, don’t take too much because it can cause a coach-lock.

If interested, we have listings of lime and citrusy flavors.

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