List of the Most Popular Lime Tasting Cannabis Strains

Many people prefer Lime and other citrus-flavored strains, due to their pleasant aroma and effects. Limonene, which is the prevalent terpene responsible for citric smell and taste in all cannabis strains, is also pretty wide-spread. Partly, its popularity is due to the anti-insect effect, which is another merit of Limonene.

According to scientific researches, Limonene tends to boost serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. That’s why lime-flavored strains usually provide uplifted and euphoric effects on smokers. At the same time, Limonene is known to be a handy remedy for anxiety.

There is a large choice of various strains with lime scents and flavors, that’s why the THC level may range widely from 10%-15% and up to 28%-30%. So, this flavor can become a good choice for both novice smokers and more seasoned ones, depending on the specific strain.

Here we prepared a few strains, which have pretty pungent lime tastes. The most popular and wide-spread one is a quite potent hybrid Key Lime Pie. It can offer pleasant lime and mint flavors, though it is a strong one, that’s why it isn’t the best choice for novices.

The second one is a pure Sativa Lime Skunk, which is also rather potent. Lime Skunk emits an astonishing scent of fresh limes and a clear-headed buzz, which doesn’t affect one’s productivity. There are also many other strains, that contain lime taste, but those, who express it the most, are either hard to find or too strong for novices.

We also have listings of violet and citrus flavors.

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