Joint Pain in Dogs: How CBD Oil Can Provide Relief

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Joint Pain in Dogs: How CBD Oil Can Provide Relief

Is your senior dog slowing down? Do they seem too tired from a regular walk? Or maybe they just randomly stop during their walk and refuse to walk further? 

If so, these might indicate that your dog has joint pain or aches. As a result, you may have already visited a veterinarian to find out what's causing the slowdown. And if your dog has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, you may be here searching for ways to help your fluffy friend live his best life. CBD oil for joint pain in dogs is the way to go.

Osteoarthritis, also known as arthritis, is one of the most common sources of joint pain in dogs. It is especially common in some breeds and older dogs. Unfortunately, it is also a progressive disease. Identifying the disease as early as possible is the best way to help your fluffy friend along with natural treatments.

While most veterinarians will prescribe NSAIDs for dogs with arthritis or dysplasia, medications do not always work as well as expected. Some dogs need extra help and others suffer from major side effects. That is when CBD for older dogs is a great choice as an assistance or a natural treatment.

The best way to manage joint pain includes the following:

  • Medications prescribed by a veterinarian;

  • Gentle, low-energy exercises like sniff walks or swimming;

  • Maintaining a healthy weight and diet;

  • Anti-inflammatory supplements, such as omega-3 fatty acids;

  • CBD oil for joint pain in dogs as a supplemental pain relief and overall health assistance.

CBD Oil for Dogs Joint Pain | Effects & How it Works

Pet CBD oil is extracted from a special strain of cannabis known as industrial hemp. In contrast to marijuana, industrial hemp contains high levels of cannabidiol (a safe and non-addictive compound) and is safe for dogs in recommended amounts.

CBD oil for dogs with hip and joint pain

CBD oil for dogs with hip and joint pain works through the endocannabinoid system (also known as ECS). This system works with several receptors, transmitters, and specialized enzymes to help regulate vital bodily functions like metabolism[1], immunity, digestion, skin health, allergic reaction, stress, and inflammation.

Once consumed, CBD binds to endocannabinoid receptors to regulate these functions in the body to offer its stabilizing effect on these bodily functions. Since excessive inflammation is the main reason for aches and joint pain, CBD may be a good option to help reduce pain in your elderly dogs.

Researchers have already investigated how some cannabinoid receptors, like the GPR55 receptor, may directly participate in the progression of joint problems in arthritis. This study[2] found that cannabidiol interacts with this receptor to slow that progression.

Although there are small studies performed, another study conducted by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine[3] in 2018 found that 2 mg of CBD oil for dogs with arthritis consumed twice daily resulted in decreased pain and increased activity levels. The dogs participating in the study also had no reported side effects from the supplement.

Some side effects may still appear when you don't know CBD dosing for dogs. These include dry mouth and eyes. However, in most cases, no side effects were observed at either dose when using CBD pain relief for dogs. Also, there were zero indicators of cannabidiol causing intoxication or addiction. Yet you should still be aware that full-spectrum cannabidiol contains traces of THC, which is a psychoactive compound.

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Using CBD Oil to Provide Relief for Dogs with Joint Pain

There are several ways you can give your dog cannabidiol oil. These are oil, capsules, CBD pet treats, and topicals. CBD oil is the best choice for quick effect since the oil quickly absorbs through blood vessels and goes directly to the blood instead of being digested first, like with edibles and capsules.

CBD Oil for Dogs Joint Pain

Edibles are great for dogs struggling with consuming medications since most of them taste like delicious food for dogs. Topicals can also be really helpful when it comes to skin conditions or direct application.

Choosing the Right Product for Your Dog

  1. Made Just for Dogs

    When choosing the supplements for your dog, make sure you find an oil made specifically for animals. Supplements for people usually contain flavorings and other ingredients that could be harmful to dogs. It is also best to choose CBD oil for joint care in dogs with either broad-spectrum or isolate to avoid THC in the product.

  2. Organic Sourcing

    Quality hemp will be free from pesticides and herbicides. Hemp quality plays an essential role in affecting your dog. Products with oil extracted from organic hemp from local farms are the best option for dog owners.

  3. Third-Party Lab Tested

    It is also crucial to choose supplements that have been tested by an independent laboratory. These products come with COA reports that contain information on product composition. The label on the product should always specify the mg of CBD and state that the product is free from THC.

  4. MCT Coconut Oil

    When it comes to oils, MCT oil is what drives the bioavailability of the product. So it is recommended to choose an oil with one of the MCT oils, where coconut oil is the most popular choice. Not only will oils be mixed with a carrier oil, but some CBD treats for dogs can also contain MCT oil.

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Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Joint Pain | AskGrower's Experts Choice

With years of experience in cannabidiol supplements, AskGrowers has chosen the best products for dogs with joint pain. These products contain organic ingredients, are made with organic industrial hemp strains, and have all been tested for quality and safety, so dog owners can feel totally safe when choosing one or a few products from the list below:

500 mg CBD Oil for Pets - Bacon logo

PureKana CBD Oil for Pets Bacon 500mg

by PureKana
  • 500 mg CBD
  • 0.3% THC
  • 30 ml Volume
CBD Oil For Dogs logo

Zatural CBD Oil For Dogs Broad Spectrum CBD 375 mg

by Zatural
  • 375 mg CBD
  • 0% THC
  • 30ml Volume
CBD Slamon Oil for Dogs and Cats logo

Upstate Elevator Supply Co. CBD Slamon Oil for Dogs and Cats250 mg

by Upstate Elevator Supply Co.
  • 250 mg CBD
  • 9 mg THC
  • 30 ml Volume


If you have a dog suffering from joint pain, you may talk with your veterinarian about adding CBD oil to the dog's diet. While cannabidiol isn't able to treat diseases like arthritis and dysplasia, CBD oil for dogs for joint pain can be a great way to help improve your dog's wellness and reduce inflammation that causes aches and pains.

Although most companies will state that their products are the "best," not every CBD oil for dogs with joint pain has been lab-tested and contains safe dog ingredients. It is always essential to consult a veterinarian before giving a dog CBD products for pets and to choose products that contain natural ingredients, are manufactured with organic CBD oil, and are tested by a third-party lab.


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Yes, cannabidiol oil is safe for dogs in recommended amounts and when purchased from trusted manufacturers that use natural, animal-friendly ingredients.
No, cannabidiol products made for humans often contain additives and flavorings that may be dangerous for dogs. Dogs' products are specifically manufactured with safe ingredients.
It depends on the product type and consumption method. CBD pet drops and oils are the fastest ways as they provide an effect within minutes because cannabidiol absorbs through blood vessels instead of being metabolized first.
Cannabidiol has stress-relieving and soothing properties. It has been shown to improve sleep quality, but only products with specific additional ingredients can make dogs sleep.
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