Gelato Seeds for sale
Gelato Seeds for sale
Gelato Seeds for sale
Gelato Seeds for sale

Gelato Autoflower Seeds

by Crop King Seeds
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CBD: 0.18%

THC: 27%

Flowering Type: Autoflower

Type: Hybrid

Climate: Warm

Effects: Relax

Flavors: Citrus fruity

Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies

Environment: Indoors, Outdoors

Flowering period: 8 - 10 Weeks

Genetic Mix, Cannabinoid Profile, and Aroma of Gelato Autoflower 

This hybrid strain was developed from the Girl Scout Cookies variety, preserving most of its benefits. Weed fans love this variety for a high THC concentration that reaches 27% and 0.18 CBD coming in the mix. Besides, it offers a great smoking experience with citrus, fruity flavors, and moderate potency for beginner users.

How to Cultivate These Plants?

These are autoflower seeds that normally take 8-10 weeks to grow. Growers prefer to buy Gelato seeds for cultivation in a warm climate and can provide your plants with optimal temperature and enough sunlight. The autoflowering Gelato strain comes with a variety of effects, from relaxation to euphoria, depending on the dosage and time of consumption.

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been using these to treat my pain for some time now and wanted to try growing some for myself. I don’t have any gardening or growing experience so these autoflowering seeds looked easy enough to grow. And they did, so Ill be getting more soon

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these don't need too much sunlight in my experience. they do need some of it along with a warm temperature though. make sure you give them a little bit of light every day and you'll be fine

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Darryl G.

even though the order went through quickly and shipping was great, im not very sure if ill order gelato seeds again. the growing process was okay enough but i wasnt too happy with the effects. They tasted nice though.

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Marty Meyer

relaxing strains are always the best. Add to that a fruity flavor and you've got a great strain that just happens to be easy to grow. I planted them in my indoor grow space and the results were great!

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Well they need a lot of light which I didn't expect. Didn't work out. Not for people who want an easy growing experience.

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Alfred Sandoval

Love things with high THC and low CBD. The fact that Gelato plant comes from Girl Scout Cookies was a bonus. The seeds grew well for me. Recommended.

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Malcolm N.

ordered these from Crop King Seeds and will do again. they grew quickly into very potent, fruity buds.

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