Grower Stories #30: Cait Curley

Tia Moskalenko
Tia Moskalenko

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Grower Stories #30: Cait Curley

From Concrete Jungle to High Altitude: Our Interview With Cait Curley

Cait Curley was so intent on pursuing her work within the cannabis arena, that she uprooted her life and moved from New York to cannabis-centric Denver. After obtaining a health sciences degree and spending years of dedication in healthcare and client relations, she has navigated the underground cannabis world, while seeking to utilize her connections to educate the masses, represent a shift in culture and motivate continued progress within the community.

Living in the forefront of the movement to end cannabis prohibition, fostering both B2B and B2C partnerships and connections inside the industry, her passion extends to developing personal entrepreneurial investments. She stays informed and up to date with the industry’s most heart wrenching stories, as well as the progress of the biggest movers and shakers.

Tia : In your about section on the website you’ve mentioned that you moved from NY to Denver to pursue your cannabis dream work. What prompted you to make the move? Why dive into the hemp industry?

Cait : A month before moving to Denver, I left my corporate health care job. There was a subconscious energy pushing me to make these large leaps. I was 26 years old at the time and thought to myself everyday, “I love helping people the way I do in my current position, but I feel there is a bigger picture. I can envision helping save the planet and the health of the species living on it. Sitting in this office on average 4am-7pm everyday isn’t allowing me to do that”. I literally felt an energy pushing me to move to Colorado, a state I had never been and didn’t know one person. I was very passionate about cannabis, yet very alone in that sense. I was ready to move to a state where the plant was widely accepted and part of the economy. A heightened interest in industrial hemp came into play a few months after integrating myself into the cannabis community.

Tia : What role do you think you play in the hemp industry? How do you accomplish it?

Cait : At this point in time, my piece to the puzzle is education, advocacy and activism. I use my social media platforms and voice through word of mouth to alert the community on important issues, legislation and current news. I also educate on new innovations, technology, pioneers and advances within the industry.

Tia : What would you say is your key to success, personally and professionally?

Cait : My key to success is silencing the noise and driving in my own lane. The industry is so nascent with a lot of minds and voices trying to drive the bus forward. It’s really important to remain focused, a positive force, not take any moment for granted, and to keep the circle of people around you genuine and true. The plant will never judge your relationship to her, remember you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

Tia : I’ve noticed you take part in a bunch of conferences and EXPOs. Do these kinds of functions help grow your brand? What's the main goal in these appearances?

Cait : My main goal in attending conferences and expos is to connect with family and industry colleagues. The cannabis/ hemp industry is one large family that I travel the globe with to inspire and educate others. We live all over the world and the events are a gathering place to hug, communicate and empower one another. It’s been difficult not having that in person experience in 2020. Often people will reach out to me and ask, “How do I get into the industry? How do I learn more about this specific topic regarding cannabis/ hemp?” and my simple answer is always to attend an event. Conferences are the stomping grounds for technology, brands and connections to take off. You have thousands of like minded people under one roof. It’s an unexplainable energy and high. If the connection or answer you are looking for is not there, at least one person can lead you to it and I find that remarkable.

Tia : You’ve mentioned that you are entirely FOR legalization of CBD/cannabis. Do you think your speaking engagements help to push legalization forward? How do you try to have an impact with this massive legislative issue as a professional?

Cait : I think the speaking engagements outside of the cannabis industry have a larger impact when it comes to pushing legislation. It’s important for me to keep things simple, calm and to the point. Education is so vital. Giving people valuable information on why cannabis is illegal and what legalization could do for our planet and people is crucial in the attempt to evolve their mindset. Speaking to the choir/ industry at an event about a specific bill can also be beneficial to get everyone on the same page.

Tia : What’s your favourite cannabis product currently and why?

Cait : My face mask. I have cannabis/hemp masks that are easiest to breath in. I also find myself breaking out in them less than other masks. Confused that I’m calling it a cannabis face mask? I have a couple masks in addition to my hemp masks that are made out of marijuana and hemp/CBD stalks also known as waste.

Tia : What’s your favourite strain right now? Do you prefer Indica or Sativa?

Cait : I love the Original Jack Herer, different from the Jack Herer strain created 20+ years ago. Jack’s son created this brand a few years ago and it’s directly connected to the Jack Herer Foundation. It has a phenomenal profile and tastes amazing. I’m a Sativa lady most of the time.

Tia : If you could have a chance to smoke with anyone in the world, who would it be and why? :)

Cait : That’s a hard question! I am so fascinated by ancient agriculture and belief systems, Cleopatra would probably be at the top of that list. Yet, ultimately, I think it would be one of my great, great grandmothers who traveled from Ireland to New York. The unknown journey was so intense, they are true warriors. If it was the present, Elon Musk. I have a feeling that if/when he sits down with a hempster and gets that load of information on all that hemp can do, he will be more proactive in scaling hemp production to a mega level. His input alone could tremendously help the industry and therefore the regeneration of the planet.

Tia : What are your plans in the industry moving forward? Any big news coming in the near future?

Cait : I intend to hone in on my media brand, bringing more education, advocacy and entertainment to my social media platforms. I’m working on an industrial hemp YouTube series that I’m really excited to release. I’m also bringing The Cait Curley Shop to the internet soon. It’s a one stop shop for all things hemp with the inclusion of mushrooms and other holistic remedies for people and the environment.

Tia : What do you think is the biggest challenge in the cannabis industry currently?

Cait : The current state of cannabis being federally illegal is the biggest challenge.

Tia : Are there any brands you appreciate and follow?

Cait : Definitely! We are For Better Alternatives, Vote Hemp, Hemp Roundtable, US Hemp Building Association, and Last Prisoner Project to name a few.

Tia : What would be your advice to beginners in the cannabis industry?

Cait : Attend an event and follow your passion. Figure out how to apply your skill set in whatever aspect of the supply chain that it fits. Be transparent, honest and authentic. Check your ego and remember that you can never take away someone's light in the industry, you can only add your own. Sit down with as many industry veterans and pioneers as possible and listen to their stories. Those lessons and moments are invaluable.


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