Grower Stories #109: Kannabia Seeds Company Team

Tia Moskalenko
Tia Moskalenko

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Grower Stories #109: Kannabia Seeds Company Team

If You Want to Know More About Cannabis Seeds, This Interview With the Kannabia Seed Company Team Will Help You With That

Have you ever wanted to know more about cannabis seeds and seed banks? If the answer is yes, this is for you. In the interview with AskGrowers, Kannabia Seed Company team, tells the story about the brand. The brand was created two decades ago, and today it is a top-notch cannabis seed bank. Get more info on the seeds, and learn which ones are more challenging to grow. #growerstories

Tia (AskGrowers) : How did you start Kannabia?

Kannabia Seeds Company Team : Kannabia started back in 2002 on the outskirts of Barcelona. At that time, cannabis consumption and cultivation were at their peak, not only in Spain but also in Europe. While the demand for quality seeds was rising quickly, it became increasingly difficult to find quality seeds. And this is where we found our niche opportunity to start producing and offering homegrown high-performing strains.

Tia : Do you grow the cannabis you use yourself or buy from other growers/farms?

KSC Team : We rely on a diverse network of local home growers who legally produce these varieties using natural breeding methods and refusing to use any genetic modification or gene splicing.

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Tia : What makes an excellent cannabis seed? What should consumers look for exactly?

KSC Team : Stability, productivity, and resistance are among the main qualities people usually look and ask for. Nevertheless, intended needs can vary from customer to customer. It will all depend on the growers' expectations and expertise.

Perhaps therapeutic users are looking for specific requirements in terms of ratio or cannabinoids content.

Tia : There are thousands of cannabis seed banks. Why should someone choose your seeds particularly? What sets you guys apart from other brands?

KSC Team : Originality, freshness, quality, and prestige.

Kannabia has always been ahead of its time and has advanced products in the seed market, advancing unique products. For example, CBD when nobody had it or now the new range of cannabinoids…. Would innovation be the word?

Tia : What are the most challenging/rarest seeds to find?

KSC Team : Mataró Blue is one of our top creations. A legendary strain whose exact origin/crossing hasn't been fully revealed. It's our best-kept secret.

La Colombian Jack is genuinely ours and made by our community expert. A unique, robust Sativa with a THC content of up to 27%. Also, our CBD varieties are high quality and stable due to years of investment of resources researching and developing.

Tia : Which seeds are the most difficult to grow?

KSC Team : Sativas are normally more delicate. They take longer and are very more needy and demanding than other cannabis species. Humidity can be an issue at the end of the cultivation in a particularly humid area…. The point, just so you know, is that Sativas take longer (to be ready for harvest), and in October / November in Galicia for example it rains heavily ... and if the ready buds take water then they do not dry out and botrytis or mold can develop.

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Tia : Which seeds are the easiest to grow? Which ones would you recommend to a first-timer?

KSC Team : Any Indica. Our Indica Cream and Kritikal-K are among the fastest and strongest.

Tia : Do you work with dispensaries?

KSC Team : Not at the moment since we don't sell wholesale in the US. But we hope that soon our genetics will be available to all the public.

Tia : Do you work with any delivery services? If so, what are those?

KSC Team : Our seeds are only available on our online store.

Tia : If you could smoke with anyone in this world, living or dead, who would that be and why? :)

KSC Team : Abraham Lincoln, since it is said (and demonstrated?) he was a marijuana smoker. What we know for sure is that he was a free spirit and a free thinker.

Right now, many well-known people are “coming out of the cannabis closet” and also many and many are investing in cannabis in the USA and there is something to choose from, athletes, people from the political and entertainment world.

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Tia : What are your top strains to smoke? Do you have a personal favorite?

KSC Team : Mataro Blue (Indica spectrum, more psychoactive than psychotropic) and Colombian Jack (clear Sativa uplifting effect).

Tia : How much should good seeds cost? What's the most a potential grower should be ready to pay for quality seeds?

KSC Team : The market will determine that. Also, for a luxury article, how much are you ready to pay?

Tia : Are there any brands you appreciate and follow?

KSC Team : We are big fans of DNA Genetics, Aficionado French Connection. We think we must thank and reverence them for being the first Europeans who worked for genetic conservation during the '90s. If it weren't for them, we would be smoking hemp at the current time!

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Thank you so much, Kannabia team, for taking the time to do the interview. To learn more about them, head on over to their website.

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