List of the Most Popular Chestnut Tasting Cannabis Strains

Strain genetics can sometimes work wonders. Thanks to this, smokers can enjoy different flavors, in particular, they can take pleasure of smoking chestnut-like marijuana.

Such kushes are pretty potent, their average THC level range from 19% to 23%. For beginners, we recommend starting with a small dose. Mostly Indica, these strains are also known for their all-round applications.

Mendocino Madness is the drawing card of this odor, that offers head and body relaxation. It will free your mind of all negative thoughts, fill you with euphoria as an Indica-dominant strain. Users consider this weed as a great accompaniment for their evening routine because it lets them get calm and maybe even lullabied because of pure relaxation. In this regard, it can help a lot with insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Another strain that is worthy of special attention is Fred Flipn’Stoned, which will provide you with unforgettable cerebral effects. Being a rare Indica dominant hybrid, it blows your mind effectively. The high has a euphoric onset. You are immersed in the fantasy world of your mind for a couple of hours until the sedative effects manifest themselves. Buzz then turns into a state of complete calm and bliss that makes consumers sleepy.

For you, we also have collected the listings of pear and tree fruit weed flavors.

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