CBD Oil and Blood Pressure: Exploring the Connection

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CBD Oil and Blood Pressure: Exploring the Connection

CBD is the second most prevalent extract you can find in cannabis and the one without euphoric properties. It usually brings calming and relaxing effects, alongside being helpful for chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. But can it be used for other purposes, such as dealing with high blood pressure, also called hypertension? So, does CBD lower blood pressure? In this article, we’ll cover what hypertension is, whether cannabidiol oil is of any use for this diagnosis.

Defining Hypertension

Before jumping deep into how cannabidiol oil impacts blood pressure, let’s find out what hypertension is and how popular it is. At first, you should be aware that heartbeats dictate blood pressure as a whole. It is formed when blood pulls out of the heart and arteries, concurrently being created when the heart rests between those beats.

While the essentials of blood pressure are more or less clear, you might also be interested in how prevalent it is. For instance, scientists from the American Heart Association define five ranges of blood pressure, which you can see in our table, as follows.

Five Blood Pressure Ranges

It is no surprise that issues with the vascular system are becoming more widespread globally. For instance, WHO claims that an estimated 1.13 billion people across the globe have hypertension. Unfortunately, it has become a significant cause of premature deaths, eventually becoming a noticeable issue in the United States.

Severe issues with the vascular system, including blood pressure, also take place among older individuals. Just imagine that tens of millions of people across the US die from hypertension-caused issues, including heart attack, stroke, and aneurysm. So, does CBD thin blood, or how does it work? Once you know this problem’s scale, do note that CBD is often a decent remedy for individuals preferring a natural approach.

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CBD and Blood Pressure

To the surprise of most unaware individuals, CBD has proven to benefit those suffering from hypertension and related health problems. According to a recent valid study, even a single dose of CBD reduces blood pressure. Except for a direct lowering of systolic and diastolic pressures, cannabidiol positively impacts other blood pressure factors. Some of these include cold stress, anxiety, and insomnia-related health consequences.

Once you now know that CBD helps reduce blood pressure, you might wonder what makes it so unique. You see, conventional medications have a wider variety of side effects for users, such as dizziness, constipation, and headaches. When it comes to cannabidiol oil, it comes with fewer side effects, and the fact that it’s legal in most states makes it even more appealing. Now, let’s find out how exactly cannabidiol oil lowers blood pressure.

How CBD Impacts Blood Pressure

Unlike other medications prescribed against hypertension, cannabidiol oil mainly deals with blood pressure caused by particular situations. Explaining it simply, when being stressed or anxious, a human’s organism releases a hormone called cortisol. The higher the level of cortisol is, the higher blood pressure can get. But please note that CBD and blood sugar are not related to blood pressure in any way.

CBD for Stress or Anxiety

Except for a direct correlation between cortisol levels and blood pressure, cannabidiol oil also has dozens of other calming properties. While stress and anxiety are some of the many factors contributing to hypertension, there are other CBD oil effects on the human organism. Let’s find out in what ways cannabidiol can help with high blood pressure and related symptoms.

Relieving Anxiety

As specified by numerous research articles, anxiety leads to a rapid heart rate and an increased blood pressure rate. But if you’re anxious for a prolonged time, you add to the vulnerabilities of heart disease and other disorders. Thanks to CBD properties, it eases anxiety, eventually decreasing such risks for most people.

Dealing with Insomnia

If you have experienced insomnia or long-time sleep deprivation, you surely know how troublesome these issues are. But with our organism, everything is interconnected. If you lack sufficient sleep times, you are likely to get stressed and anxious more easily. That’s when cannabidiol enters the show, helping you sleep and indirectly lowering your blood pressure.

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Inflammatory Properties

Yet another factor that most people forget for some reason is that cannabidiol oil has potent inflammatory effects. While it’s true that people who enjoy yoga and workouts benefit from these, but they also contribute to your vascular system as a whole. It is mainly performed by reducing heart inflammation and allowing the blood to flow through your vascular system as a whole.

Antioxidant and Stress-Reducing Effects

When reviewing all the positives of cannabidiol oil, you should also remember of antioxidant and stress-reducing properties. They are essential for decreasing cell death, making cannabidiol oil almost a universally positive thing for the vascular system. That’s why CBD for high blood pressure is decent, thanks to the antioxidant effects of CBD that decrease hypertension over time.

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Choosing a Proper Dose

As with plenty of other symptoms and diagnoses, using CBD for lowering blood pressure should come with a specific dosage. But how to choose an appropriate dose to regulate blood pressure preventively? Look, the main factors that help to pick the correct dosage are your weight, sex, medical history, and previous use of cannabis.

For starters, it’s always highly recommended to consult with a qualified health provider. They will provide all the accurate information on CBD dosing for your particular needs. Besides that, you should constantly track your blood pressure at home to determine what’s the best dosage is for you. A general rule of thumb is simple, start with a tiny amount of CBD and continuously increase it unless you experience any side effects.

Dosage CBD for High Blood Pressure

Over time of using CBD oil, you will track any significant changes to blood pressure. Stay patient since changes don’t come overnight, meaning you have to monitor it for quite some time. If you feel that a specific CBD product is not working well for you, consider getting an alternative.

If CBD-infused edibles, such as chocolates and gummies, have mild effects on you, try using oil or a capsule. While credible research institutions prove the effects of CBD on blood pressure, you should still go through the error and trial process to find out an appropriate cannabidiol dose and form.


Wrapping up, you are now aware that cannabidiol oil has properties capable of reducing blood pressure for most people. What’s even more exciting is that even a single dose of CBD has been proved to be effective. For those suffering from long-term stress or anxiety, cannabidiol oil helps decrease cortisol levels. On the level of causal links, CBD might help regulate your sleep patterns and bring antioxidant properties. Still, before making any ill-considered decisions, contact your doctor to pick the correct dose to make the most of it.







As we found earlier, CBD has a crucial impact on normalizing your blood pressure if you struggle with hypertension. In patients with low blood pressure, taking CBD is unlikely to cause any adverse implications. Just remember that cannabidiol is helpful in lowering blood pressure in instances of stress and anxiety. So if you struggle with these issues and have low blood pressure all the time, it’s best to consult your doc in the first place.
It’s OK for most people not to know what their blood pressure currently is. After all, we don’t always bring the devices to track it in our backpacks. But if you have any assumptions that you’re not feeling well because of the low blood pressure, it’s better to abstain from large CBD doses. You can still take some, but only in moderate amounts, and after a consultation with your profile doctor.
CBD oil has the potential to interact with blood pressure medications, and it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional before using CBD alongside such medications. CBD can inhibit the activity of certain enzymes in the liver responsible for metabolizing many medications, including blood pressure medications.
Individuals with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions should exercise caution when considering the use of CBD oil. While CBD is generally considered safe, it can potentially interact with certain medications and affect cardiovascular function.
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