List of the Most Popular Cannabis Strains for Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophy can be called not one symptom but a whole group of diseases that affect a person both physically and psychologically. It is a degenerative condition that appears due to mutated genes. Dystrophy can affect both the muscles and the heart, making the disease quite dangerous. The most severe form is Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This significantly shortens the life of patients, and they rarely live up to 30. The symptoms of this disease can manifest in different ways but still have something in common: muscle weakness, weight loss, spasms and pain, drooping eyelids, dysphagia, developmental delay as well as insomnia, and daytime sleepiness.

The research has shown that cannabinoids are effective against pain, which is the most damaging muscular dystrophy symptom. What’s more, marijuana has been shown to fight sleep problems. Cannabis is a less toxic treatment for patients with muscular dystrophy. However, while weed can clear up some of the symptoms, it cannot completely cure the disease, as it is a genetic defect.

Blue Dream, Afghan Kush, Super Silver Haze, Blackberry Kush are the most popular strains used for this disease. They relieve pain and muscle spasms.

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