List of the Most Popular Cannabis Strains for PMS

PMS is an abbreviation that stands for the premenstrual syndrome. It occurs in the first few days predisposing the period. While some women bear the PMS easily, others suffer from severe cramps, mood swings, depressive thoughts, headaches, difficulties with concentration, and sleep. All of that, indeed, prevents females from maintaining daily routine tasks. Being a natural painkiller, medical cannabis both soothes the pain and improves the mood.

Weed strains for PMS, in particular, are high in CBD and THC. That’s the cannabinoids that are known for their ability to relieve muscle tension. According to the research, THC acts as a muscle relaxant that copes with spasms and cramps. Another benefit of weed strains for PMS is mood elevation.

The CBD boosts the release of dopamine, also known as one of the “happy” hormones. Cramps relief combined with the mood improvement makes medical cannabis one of the best solutions for the premenstrual syndrome treatment. For you, we have collected a listing of the best weed strains for PMS. We also have lists of weed strains for hypertension and anorexia.

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