List of the Most Popular Grape Tasting Cannabis Strains

The grape flavor and the skunky smell of weed is not what you typically expect to be combined. However, the terpenes that make grapes and wine taste the way they do are also present in some marijuana strains. Linalool, geraniol, and nerol is the combination that creates a fruity smell of grape in cannabis. The same terpenes are found in grapes and create their unique taste.

You can find this combination in grape-smelling weed strains such a Grape Kush, Grape God, and Sour Grape. These are hybrids that mix the Sativa cerebral high with deep relaxation associated with Indica strains. All three have earthy undertones, while Grape God also incorporates the pine smell into the mix.

If you’re a culinary enthusiast, you’ll be glad to learn that grape-tasting strains of cannabis are a great fit for edibles. A good part of these strains are Indicas, and quite potent ones at that, so you have a chance of creating a grape cheesecake to impress friends and family. Grape Ape, Purple Urkel, Granddaddy Purple, Grape Cookies, or Purple Punch are also worthy considering. The last two have a sweeter aroma that incorporates lemon and hoppy undertones. All of these grape-flavored strains have potent Indica effects and are great for late-night use.

If you’re looking for a lighter fruity fragrance, you may enjoy rose-flavored cannabis strains. Those who love herbal tones will find mint a perfect fit, especially if not into the sweetness of grape-tasting strains. 

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