List of the Most Popular Menthol Tasting Cannabis Strains

Different flavors, like menthol, are always desirable for sophisticated users.

The demand for minty taste has not passed by the cannabis market as cannabis lovers have begun to expand their aroma horizons. Minty flavor creates a cooling sensation along with relaxation and bodies’ sensors stimulation and envelopes by the fresh aroma. Menthol is useful not only for its cooling effect but also for its ability to reduce pain and cough. Some significant researches revealed that it provides both antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Minty strains provide a pungent aroma and deliver a fresh taste similar to peppermint or even camphor.

Generally, phenotypes with such taste occur in Haze or Skunk genetics.

Minty aroma in cannabis provides by naturally occurred terpenes as following:

  • isopulegol – a chemical precursor for menthol with potent minty aroma;
  • borneol – provides a cool, spicy, and minty scent;
  • eucalyptol – the primary terpene of eucalyptus tree;
  • terpineol – tastes like anise and mint.

However, to be familiar with concentrates, we have to notice the higher the THC the less flavor. The reason is that cannabinoid extracts are intensely bitter and earthy that covers terpene’s taste.

There are a variety of strains that carry minty, pepper minty, and menthol taste. For you, we have collected the most popular “Menthol” strains: Super Silver Haze, Headband, Amnesia Haze, Golden Haze, Girl Scout Cookies Jack Herer, and OG Kush strains. However, due to its high potent, novice users should be discreet with this attractive minty scent.

We also have listings of chestnut and pear strains.

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