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Red Dragon
Strain effect image Giggly, Creative, Energetic
Strain taste image Flowery, Pungent, Sweet

All About Red Dragon Weed Strain


The beautiful buds of Red Dragon strain reveal its powerful nature. The white, powdery trichomes hint at the potent nature of this Sativa-dominant weed. Red Dragon is rich in terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene.

The euphoric and uplifting effects hit you almost immediately. But Indica is present with 40%, so it quickly balances out that energy with a mild, yet talkative sense of calm.

Medicinal users rely on it when they want to relieve depression, anxiety, stress, and any pain in the body. The side effects are minimal with moderate consumption, but paranoia and dizziness are possible if the users aren’t careful.

History of Red Dragon

Developed by Barney’s Farm, the Red Dragon cannabis strain is an exotic Asian flower that traces its genetic lineage to cross-breeding between Utopia Haze (a Brazilian Sativa) and Himalayan Kush (Afghani).

It’s not clear whether the strain got its name from Thomas Harris’ famous book, Red Dragon. One thing is clear though, the strain gives the user an energetic and happy mood compared to the villainous character, Hannibal Lecter.

You don’t have to be a connoisseur to fully grasp all the flavors in this strain of weed. This Sativa-dominant hybrid allows users to taste all the wonders it has to offer.

Many experts have described the Red Dragon strain lineage as unique and exquisite. Seasoned users will enjoy the truly exotic taste of this cannabis strain from Barney’s Farm in Holland.

Red Dragon Effects

The Red Dragon weed strain comes with a powerful kick that gives the user a euphoric and sensational feeling, once it sets in. Seasoned users will start feeling the strain effects as soon as they take it. The happy effects of the strain will make users feel upbeat and energetic, allowing you to achieve all you need.

You should experience the particular high offered by this strain at least once in your lifetime. You’ll start feeling its effects in your head and neck, followed by tingles that rush down to your toes.

The lovely sensations come with a full-body relaxation and a case of the giggles. You should also have enough snacks with you since it also brings about a case of the munchies.

Although Red Dragon marijuana doesn’t have a very high THC content compared to other strains, it’s still very potent. Therefore, the user’s experience will depend on the amount they use. This is an indication that unseasoned users should be wary of the amounts they consume.

Medical appointments of Red Dragon

Being a Sativa-dominant hybrid, the Red Dragon cannabis comes with a variety of medicinal benefits. Its effects make it very suitable in uplifting the user’s moods.

Therefore, many people with depression, anxiety, and stress use it to feel better. The strain also helps in managing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and Lou Gehrig’s.

For terminal conditions like cancer, and in cases, such patients are undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it helps to alleviate that pain.

Conditions such as Alzheimer require that you select the right strain of cannabis, lest you risk exacerbating the condition. The Red Dragon weed strain helps in controlling the mood and pain of such patients when they get agitated, violent, or frustrated.

In patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, the strain can help in relaxing and reducing the level of tremors. On different occasions, many use it to treat gastrointestinal conditions such as appetite loss and constipation.

It can help treat insomnia by improving the user’s night sleep, especially if they’re suffering from a neurodegenerative disease. It allows patients to relax and drift off into a deep and refreshing sleep.


One of the main things that keep the Red Dragon from being a dominant strain is its adverse reaction to paranoia. It can make the condition worse in individuals with this pre-existing condition.

Therefore, people suffering from depression should avoid consuming this strain of weed. Moreover, the low CBD content of this strain makes it less effective in treating seizures and other medical conditions that require this chemical.

Another common negative effect of taking this strain of cannabis is having a dry mouth and dry eyes. However, this is a common effect among all other strains.

Taking a lot of water before and during your wake and bake session is very important to prevent this from happening. This strain isn’t for every individual and one should use it at their discretion.

Negative side effects of the medicinal appointments of Red Dragon

While the Red Dragon marijuana strain has many medicinal benefits and helps in uplifting the user’s spirit, it also acts as a double-edged sword. Smoking it moderately and consuming only a small amount of this weed can help avoid some of its negative effects. Some of the negative medical effects of Red Dragon include:

  • Due to the Sativa-dominant effects, users that suffer from PTSD and anxiety shouldn’t take this strain. This is because it tends to agitate these symptoms and in certain cases cause users to become more paranoid.
  • Users develop dry eyes and dry mouths.
  • It causes dizziness.
  • It occasionally causes headaches when taken in large amounts.

What are the reasons to choose Red Dragon?

This Sativa-dominant hybrid comes with great effects and medicinal benefits that should easily entice anyone to choose it. Besides the obvious benefits of Red Dragon marijuana, users will also find that the looks, smell and aroma, and flavor of the strain is quite appealing.




The strain features red tinges on its buds and pistils, hence the name Red Dragon. At first glance, you would think that the plant is on fire. The leaves of the Red Dragon plant are dark and light green, while the nugs resemble hot wings. The strain also has stunning white powdery trichomes when you view it using a jeweler’s loupe.


Smell and Aroma


Red Dragon marijuana strain comes with a pleasant aroma that’s very noticeable with undertones of pine. Although this is a pungent odor, many people seem to enjoy it nonetheless.




Many strains taste differently from how they smell, but this isn’t the case with Red Dragon. The smell and taste aren’t far from each other. It has a fruity and slightly tastes of pine, with a mildly bitter aftertaste.

Who is more suitable for Red Dragon?

This strain is suitable for those who would want to feel the relaxing and euphoric effects the Red Dragon cannabis strain provides. Ideal for both wake and bake sessions and taking in the evening, the following categories will greatly benefit from its effects:

  • Artists find that they get a new perspective on things after consuming or smoking Red Dragon, which leads to the formation of a lot of new ideas. It helps them to get a different view of the elements in the colors and aids them in their path to creating a masterpiece.
  • It’s suitable for groups of people looking to eat. This is mainly because the strain helps the user to develop a case of the munchies. Smoke these and boost your appetite.
  • If you’re attending social events and are a bit shy, then take a small dose of Red Dragon. Its talkative effects will get you making intriguing conversations on a range of topics with different people.

Opinion by growers

Growers of Red Dragon like growing the strain mainly for reasons of converting it into wax concentrate or use the CBD content to make medicinal products. It’s easy to grow it using both feminized seeds or clones from healthy plants. Cultivating it to grow is moderately difficult meaning even beginners can grow it.

The simplicity of growing the strain makes it a favorite of many growers. The strain is a great stepping stone for any person looking to start growing weed. Besides, it looks great and comes with the best aroma and flavor.

How to Grow Red Dragon?

The Red Dragon strain is moderately easy to grow indoors. However, it’s not ideal for outdoor cultivation. If you’re beginning to grow weed or only have little experience, then you can grow this plant.

However, many growers recommend that those with intermediate experience should venture into growing Red Dragon. Growers should expect an above-average yield when cultivating it indoors. Higher yields come when growing it in cool, Mediterranean climates.

The Red Dragon is a beautiful plant that develops red and greed buds once it’s ready for harvesting. You’ll have to use stakes to support this strain since it has branches with heavy colas, although the plant doesn’t grow very tall.

Growing Red Dragon Indoors

You can use both feminized seeds and or cuttings from healthy plants to grow the Red Dragon marijuana. Although you can grow it outdoors in specific conditions, the strain is better suited for greenhouse or indoor growing. The plant only grows to 30-inches tall at maturity, so you don’t need that much room to grow it.

When using a growing tent, ensure that it has a reflective lining around it. You should also ensure that no light escapes from the tent.

Obtain fertilizer and organic soil from a trustworthy brand and fill them in 5-gallon buckets. You should water the plants regularly and to ensure that you don’t kill your plants by overwatering, ensure that the pots have overflow holes.

When growing this strain indoors or under a greenhouse, you should ensure that you purchase an air filter. This allows you to keep the air clean and minimize the risk of your plant catching mildew and mold. The air filter also protects the plant from pests such as mites, harmful bacteria, and mites.

Flowering Time

You can properly grow and cultivate the Red Dragon indoors. The flowering time when growing this strain indoors is between 55 to 60 days. It produces a generous yield of up to 21-oz for every square meter. Since the strain doesn’t grow very tall, you can also use a tent to grow it. This makes it possible for anyone wishing to grow it.

Although many recommend indoor growing for this strain of cannabis, you can still grow it outdoors in a hot and temperate climate. However, don’t expect a lot of yields when you grow it outdoors. Growing outdoors produces an average yield of approximately 21-oz per plant.

Is it useful to edibles-cooking?

You should be careful about the THC level of the Red Dragon cannabis if you wish to use it to cook or bake edibles. The edibles that you cook or bake using this strain will have very strong THC effects. However, you don’t have to worry a lot since the other ingredients in the edible can help to dampen its effects.

You should be aware that cooking edibles with any strain of cannabis require some practical experience. Therefore, take some lessons from an experienced cook or baker before you start by yourself.

You can also look for trustworthy recommendations and reputable recipes on the internet. Nonetheless, the great flavor and aroma of this strain make it useful for cooking edibles.

To sum up

As mentioned in the Red Dragon strain info, it is an exotic but powerful hybrid cannabis strain that boasts of unique genetics. There’s so much that this exotic flower can bring to the table and might just be the next favorite thing for the right user. It’s sweet fruity aromas and flavor will keep you coming back to the Red Dragon every time.

Although it doesn’t have the highest THC levels, this strain isn’t suitable for newbies due to its potency. The high CBD content makes it suitable for making medicinal products. The Sativa-dominant hybrid gives users a euphoric and relaxing high that lingers on for hours.

Moreover, you need to have intermediate skills if you’re looking to grow this strain in your greenhouse or indoors as long as it’s legal to grow cannabis in your state. It won’t take long until the strain starts flowering and giving your relatively high yields. You should give this incredible strain a try to get to enjoy its effects and medicinal benefits.

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Side Effects


Strain Cannabinoids
THC question mark
19.0 - 22.0%
CBD question mark
0.53 - 1.39%
CBC question mark
0.2 - 0.95%
CBG question mark
0.48 - 1.15%
CBN question mark
0.09 - 0.21%
THCV question mark
0.25 - 1.0%
Grow Info
Flowering time icon Flowering time
75 - 83 Days
Harvest time icon Harvest time
90 Days
Yield indoor icon Yield indoor
1 - 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
Yield outdoor icon Yield outdoor
2 - 3 Oz/plant (~ 550 g/plant)
Height indoor icon Height indoor
Height outdoor icon Height outdoor
Grow difficulty icon Grow difficulty
Flowering type icon Flowering type

User Reviews

    Yaspar Kyashred

    Very powerful buzz creeps up on you and lasts long, typical of indica. Too much indica/CBD for me, gives me an indica hangover. If you like the indica effects this is a real seriously good strain. Pure sativa guys, like me, may not like it. Would love to try the Brazilian sativa parent! Lol, those days are long gone.


    You cannot grasp the flavors correctly and yet it tastes good and shows very good energising effect that I came to slowly get used to and adore. I kind of prefer to have this kind of soft strains to take a few puffs during the day.


    You take the weed and you become extremely sensitive to anything happening around you and thats no good thing!! That kind of sensory perception will create unwanted paranoia in me.


    Great I like this! Tried so much baby strains they not work for me. This gives me so much smiles. I buy again and again, even grow home!


    The sensational effect creates a lingering euphoria


    A very woodsy taste that I like and helps me concentrate on my chores.


    Very much like a herbal medicine for constant mood swings after pregnancy


    Definitely not for parties as the high wont last till you drop


    Nice when you need motivation in life


    Herbal flavor that I came to like


    Good for depressive people


    Happy mood assured.


    Nice for ocassional use


    Yes, Improves concentration


    Im thinking that red dragon is actually the real deal. This weed has proven to be a good medicine for my muscle spasms and its simultaneously erratic and potent. It however makes my eyes dry and irritable.


    the flower gave me a lift of sativa and kept me coasting for a while and when I finally came down, I had a relaxed night of sleep. I always find myself stressed and as a result lack sleep and this strain did what it is supposed to.


    Here and also allbud says that this strain is supposed to relieve nausea but I had a different experience using it. It hit me hard and gave me overwhelming nausea even sounds made me nauseous. I didn’t like this strain, it was too intense and might be better for connoisseurs with high tolerance but it took me two bongs to get fucked!


    Red Dragon can get you high than you expected if you are in a meditative mood. A great strain for unwinding.


    one of the most euphoric and unique buds I have tried other than Grandaddy purp.


    Im glad I tried this weed. It is quite powerful and very little was needed to get the full effects.


    I think the Red Dragon high is the best high of all the weed I have tried.


    the first flower I tried since is received my medical card and I always come back for more.


    Unlike Garcia, I find this strain to be quite potent. Its a great pain and inflammation reliever.


    I enjoy smoking this weed but I prefer more potent strains. It is however, a great strain for sleep disorders.


    Very smooth and uplifting.


    No heaviness in this flower which I like.


    this marijuana is top-notch.


    deals with negative thoughts.


    an ideal strain at low doses.


    Its high is mind blowing.

    Kay Dee

    I no longer experience that pain and anxiety, which made me feel low; all credit goes to this strain. A combination of spicy and sweet flavour works best for me. The effects are really long-lasting and unbelievable.


    I experienced dry eyes after smoking this weed, so I would suggest staying hydrated. Otherwise, the effects of this weed are awesome, I felt happy and got my energy back.

    Chelsea DeChaos

    The high makes me really energetic and happy. It helped me get relief from my chronic pain. I am so thankful for this stain. This marijuana really has great medical benefits.

    Sandra S.M.

    This dope is lit. Red Dragons save the life of all those who suffer from chronic pain.

    Lina Mae

    After getting off from work, I enjoy a few joints of this weed; it makes me feel great.


    I love this kush so much


    My creativity goes to the next level

    Tyler Gould

    Red Dragon has pretty long-lasting effects and that is one of the main characteristics I love about this kush. I keep on asking for more, it is now my personal faves!



    Sam Da Silva

    Rooftops at night with this mmj go hand to hand

    Antonio Obrien

    Red Dragon makes me happy

    Darrell Buchanan

    Love the energizing high


    I am out of words, I never really believed in medical marijuana therapy but after trying this kush out, there is not other method I will ever use in my life. Much appreciation to the breeders.

    Jack Dixon

    It unleashes my creative side and helps be more productive

    Eufemia Foster

    Dope kush

    Steven Lane

    Ironically, I went through chemo and the drug they used on me was called red dragon and afterwards to treat my pain after being discharged I used this marijuana. What a great coincidence, Red Dragons follow me everywhere.

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