Grower Stories #41: Romas Marcinkevicius

Tia Moskalenko
Tia Moskalenko

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Grower Stories #41: Romas Marcinkevicius

CBD for Recovery: An Interview with GoGreen Hemp Founder Roman Marcinkevicius

I’m Romas Marcinkevicius and I am the President and Founder of GoGreen Hemp. I am a former college basketball player who likes to spend quality time with family and close friends. In my free time, I love to listen to music and stay active playing numerous sports such as basketball, football, and tennis.

Tia (AskGrowers) : Tell us about the brand. When have you started this business?


Romas Marcinkevicius : GoGreen Hemp was founded in 2016, after I was personally able to find relief using CBD balm salve. Back in 2016, I blew out my ankle while playing college basketball at NYU and was forced to have reconstructive surgery to fix all of the torn ligaments. During the healing process I had to resort to painkillers to manage pain during the recovery process. As many of you may already know these painkillers are very harmful to the human body and I made it my mission to find a more natural, effective alternative. This is when I came across CBD salve, after using it for a couple of days I was able to lay off of the painkillers and truly became a believer.

Back then the marketplace was very new and the options were scarce and sketchy at times. I wanted to give consumers a brand experience they can trust, at a more affordable price. Since then we have made it our mission here at GoGreen Hemp to be transparent in every step of our process from cultivation to fulfillment. Since day one we have third party tested all of our products by batch to ensure they are always THC-Free, safe and effective.

GoGreen Hemp products picture

Tia : We’ve noticed you have a nice production line on your website. Tell us more about it.


Romas : Here at GoGreen Hemp we understand that CBD is not a one size fits all model, meaning a product that may be perfect for one's ailments, may not work as well for others. This is why we have such an extensive product line varying from our go-to CBD oil tinctures to our active lifestyle line, consumers can have the choices they need when choosing the right product meant for them. We also believe in natural simplicity, that's why the majority of our products have four ingredients or less. This allows consumers to experience CBD in its most natural form.

Tia : What was the first product you launched the brand with?


Romas : Back in 2016, we launched our oil tinctures and balms salves at the same time. This allowed consumers the opportunity to address both internal and external issues. Since then, we have expanded these two products to allow our customers more choices when it comes to strength and sizes of both products. These two products are also our top sellers, and we don’t anticipate that changing anytime soon.

Tia : Do you extract oil yourself or are you working with another professional team to help you with that?


Romas : Here at GoGreen Hemp we work with one of the most trusted extractors in the industry to ensure our raw oil is always safe, effective and THC-Free. We do however formulate using this raw oil in our facility in Plantation, Florida.

Tia : With so many products making false claims, how can a CBD consumer be more knowledgeable and make an educated decision when shopping?


Romas : False claims have been one of the biggest issues in the CBD industry since day one. There are too many companies in the industry making claims about how their oil can help with certain ailments and this only hurts the whole industry as a whole. They say that knowledge is power, so we highly recommend that consumers that are interested in CBD do their research prior to committing to a brand. Many times, consumers see brands that are very subpar first because they simply spend more in marketing dollars, meanwhile the quality of their products suffers. So ultimately, the more knowledgeable you are about CBD and what to look for, the better choices you will be able to make.

GoGreen Hemp interview quote

Tia : Edibles are a huge part of the rise in microdosing. What would it mean for the cannabis industry as it gets more mainstream?


Romas : Edibles are very popular in every aspect of the cannabis industry because consumers are able to relate with them very easily. Microdosing is incredibly important as every consumer is different, and there are many variables when it comes to dosing. Microdosing allows consumers to work their way up slowly without experiencing some of the negative side effects that can be associated with consuming too much cannabis.

Tia : How does GoGreen Hemp maintain transparency in their product line from seed to sale?


Romas : Transparency has been at the core of GoGreen Hemp’s mission since day one. We believe that trust ultimately comes from transparency, that’s why we third party laboratory test all of our products numerous times through the production process to ensure each and every product that leaves our facility safe, effective and of course THC-Free. We have also integrated a batch tracking system that can trace back a finished product to a certain cultivation to ensure that we have traceability every step of the way. Last but not least, we post all of our lab results publicly by batch, so customers can see how much CBD is in each and every one of our products prior to purchasing any products.

Tia : Are there any brands you appreciate and follow?


Romas : Yes of course! Starting back in 2016, we would consider ourselves the parents in the young industry. Meanwhile you have certain brands such as Greenroads and Charlotte's Web that can be considered the grandparents in the CBD industry. They ultimately have paved the way and have helped get the CBD industry to where it is today. We have followed both brands closely over the years and have nothing but respect for their organizations.

GoGreen Hemp interview quote

Tia : When it comes to hemp products, GoGreen Hemp recommends to try:


Romas : This is a tough one, because I have heard what each and every one of our products has done to help with certain ailments. However, I really love our CBD Relief Stick. Made with three all-natural ingredients and ease of use are both huge selling points for me. This topical product gives consumers the ability to use a topical product without ever getting their hands smeared and oily. Also as a topical product I love the daily relief it gives me when living an active lifestyle.

You can follow GoGreen Hemp at: Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Thank you so much, GoGreen Hemp, for taking the time to do the interview. To learn more about them, head on over to their website.


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