List of the Most Popular Strawberry Tasting Cannabis Strains

Strawberry tasting weed strains are Sativa-dominant plants that are intense in both flavor and aroma. They are also known for a happy and smooth high. There isn’t much information about how the strains were cultivated. Yet, we know for sure that the motherland of strawberry smelling weed strains is the Netherlands. 

The average THC level of 15% makes strawberry flavor strains beneficial for both new and experienced users. Despite the straightforward name, the smell and taste of strawberry weed is complex rather than simple. The strong odor of a ripe berry is followed by a scent of sweet cream and earthy notes. Large and dense buds are covered by a thick layer of sparkly resin. They radiate with a pleasant and fruity aroma. From cookies to cheesecakes, some smokers report that strawberry weed is a perfect addition to the edibles of various kinds and flavors.

Strawberry strains are mostly recommended for daytime use. They provide a joyful and uplifting high that improves the mood and boosts creativity. It also makes a user more socially engaged. That is why smokers enjoy strawberry tasting weed in large companies without feeling anxious or spacy. The euphoria comes without any kind of unpleasant side effects. The complete uplift gradually shades down to deep relaxation.

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