List of the Most Popular Tree Fruit Tasting Cannabis Strains

Tree fruit smelling weed strains is a flavor that suits both beginners and experienced smokers. Marijuana gets this taste because of its genetics, and the effects of each bud differ from each other. However, users claim that the scent of the fruit tree is pleasant and unobtrusive. Medicine often uses such strains too. We have prepared two of the most popular cannabis plants with fruit tree taste for you.

Ghost Rider OG is a popular balanced strain that boasts everything: genetics, effects, and scent. The aroma is quite strong, and consumers often enjoy it. This bud has a smell of fruit trees, pine, and lemon. The smoke has a more pronounced lemon flavor. Ghost Rider OG can relieve tension and make the consumer relax, as well as feel more chatty. After this stage, many smokers reported feeling sleepy. This is why Ghost Rider OG marijuana can fight depression and insomnia, but it also helps with arthritis. THC levels are between 12 and 22%, making it acceptable even for beginners.

On the other hand, we have another popular strain with tree fruit aroma – Banana Peel, and that is definitely crazy marijuana. Although the strain was named for its distinctive banana flavor, many smokers also note the fruit tree’s taste. The smoke is also quite intense and smells like diesel, fruit, and bananas. With moderate THC levels and mild effects at first, you’re sure to have a good time. After the first inhale, the body feels both relaxation and a surge of energy. Among all the effects, smokers highlight calming, happiness, euphoria, and creativity. Medicine also uses this strain to combat depression, anxiety, and migraines.

For you, we have also prepared a list of sour and nutty flavor strains.

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