List of the Best Lemon Weed Strains

Could we even realize before that smoking can be a sort of degustation of variable weed tastes? As genetics develops, marijuana lovers become more and more sophisticated, trying to experience new feelings in their mouths and heads. Some people report that they are bored with traditional herbal and earthy flavors and look for bright, refreshing ones. The good news is, the modern market offers weed that smells like lemons providing users with vibrant impressions.

Thanks to popular terpene – limonene, lemon weed strains are best known for their distinct aroma and vivid tastes. As a major component, limonene is found in citruses and lemons. This terpene is mostly associated with THC dominant strains, so newbie consumers are recommended to be careful with this cannabis. 

Moreover, the best lemon weed strains are praised by those looking for uplifting as well as soothing effects. It produces both euphoria and full body relaxation that leaves smokers happy and sedated. Despite mental influence, limonene is also prominent for its therapeutic power and works against bacteria and microbes, improving the immune system. It is worth noting that mood disorders are also can be soothed due to delivering a boost of energy mixed with mood-enhancing from the first toke.

Depending on personal preferences, consumers can find Indica or Sativa leaning lemon cannabis strains. There is a variable range of potent and moderate weed strains with different mental and body effects.

What Weed Tastes Like Lemon?

There is plenty of lemon-tasting weed that consumers find the lemoniest and hardest: Bear Dance (70% Sativa, 33% THC), Jenny Kush (60% Sativa, 29% THC), and White Gorilla (55% Indica, up to 25% THC). These strains for skilled smokers are THC rich and create a strong wave of happiness that causes giggle as well as mood improvement.

Enthusiasts of the moderate high can enjoy the enticing sour flavor of Lemon Cake (Sativa, 16% THC), Lemon Skunk (60% Sativa, 18% THC), and Lemonberry (50/50 hybrid, 18% THC) strains. Not overwhelming, its high produces an energy boost and triggers creative thinking that works best for wake and bake. 

In terms of CBD-rich lemony strains, people can go for OG Kush that is popular for its citrusy flavor. Those connoisseurs who prefer a combination of muscle relaxation and mood elevation are likely to choose the prominent OG Kush strain. In addition to citrus fragrance, OG Kush offers a mouthwatering piney and earthy aroma and taste. The popular ones are Khalifa Kush and Lemon OG, which CBD ratio spans from 3% to 5% on average. The high provided by these strains is creativity inducing and is followed by relaxation and body buzz.

Nevertheless, based on lineage, lemon-smelling strains can be blended with peppery, fruity, and herbal flavors. For instance, the best lemon strains that are mixed with other tastes are presented by the Lemon Cake strain that has cheesy undertones, while Lemon Skunk is known for its peppery aroma.
If you want to experience a more intense lemon flavor, look for artificially-flavored strains. There’s nothing chemical about them. It’s just that the natural lemon smell is associated with cleaning chemistry. We also have listings of limonene dominant strain and mint canabis strain.

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