List of the Most Popular Apple Tasting Cannabis Strains

Apple tasting strains are becoming more popular among sophisticated cannabis consumers. This flavor occurs in marijuana naturally and delivers a fantastic fresh, sour, and sweet taste along with the scent of a summer apple garden.

Users can enjoy apple flavored strains thanks to the terpenes such as Terpinolene and Alpha- and Beta-Farnese that were found in Royal Gala apples, lilacs, nutmeg, and other herbs, fruits, and flowers. The presence of those terpenes in marijuana could be identified not only by apple odor, they also deliver a woody aroma with citrus and floral traces.

As to medicinal purposes, Terpinolene carries antifungal, antibacterial, sedative, and anti-cancer effects. According to the Turkish study published in 2013 in Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology Journal, it was revealed a connection between Terpinolene and the destruction of cancer cells. Farnese has anti-inflammatory effects as well as tumor-inhibiting properties. It also produces a calming effect that reduces muscle spasms and cramps.

Apple smelling weed strains are best reserved to be consumed by either smoking or baking some cookies. For you, we have collected the most popular Apple strains: Apple Kush, Sour Apple, Green Apple OG, Apple Jack. We also have listings of lime and violet flavored strains.

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