List of the Most Popular Tobacco Tasting Cannabis Strains

Tobacco smelling weed strains are suitable for classic lovers, for those who like to smoke simple cigarettes, or for people who are experimenting with flavors. Cannabis gets this taste because of its genetics, and the strains have a relaxing, euphoric effect. We have prepared two of the most popular buds for you.

Canadians created Dreadlock by crossing Equatorial Sativa and Eastern Indica. The kush has a THC level of up to 22%, but it affects more psychologically than physically. Medicine uses this tobacco-flavored strain to combat stress, anxiety, and psychological distress. Dreadlock marijuana allows you to relax a little, feel happy, be focused. Smokers claim that after using this cannabis, their socialization and talkativeness increased. Moreover, this bud can make you feel hungry, which helps with loss of appetite.

Mendo Queen combines the qualities of good cannabis: strength, smell, effects. This strain’s THC levels are still unknown, but that doesn’t stop users from choosing this strain. This is a mix with a bunch of flavors, there is tobacco, fruit, spicy smell of trees, and menthol. This marijuana awakens euphoria. Thanks to this, you forget about your worries and can have fun. The fear of strangers disappears, you can make several friends, this strain increases the desire to communicate. Medicinally, this cannabis is used to combat depression, bipolar disorder, insomnia, and pain. Beginners should act slowly.

For you, we also have listings of apricot and vanilla strains.

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