List of the Most Popular Violet Tasting Cannabis Strains

Violet flavor is popular not only in the cannabis industry, but also in other commercial areas, like perfumes, shampoos, and other hygiene products. This fragrance, which is so wide-spread all around, is a merit of terpene Linalool. It may provide sweet, floral scents, which reminds of lavender flowers, with a hint of citrus, or it also may give minty and sweet/ sharp cinnamon flavors.

The average THC level of Linalool strains usually ranges between 10% and 24%. However, there is a great variety of them, that’s why every smoker will have a choice, which suits one’s demands.

Moreover, every terpene produces a range of effects and Linalool is not an exception. The terpene is known for its sedative and relaxing influence, which can be of great use for people who suffer from certain conditions. Strains, which content Linalool are pretty helpful with depression and also relieve anxiety. At the same time, some of them may help one with insomnia and even arthritis.

We prepared a little list of strains with violet flavors. There are not so many cannabis strains, which give an exact violet flavor, but we found a few. It is sensible to start with a Sativa-dominant hybrid White Dawg Fire OG, which offers a sweet floral scent and a cerebral euphoria, and mild sedation. This weed also induces socialization, laughter, and a boost of creativity.

If you don’t like Sativa, Rain Forest marijuana strain will fulfill your desire for violet. It is an Indica-dominant strain, which delivers a mellow and clear-headed high. Rain Forest produces woody, peppery, and sweet, herbal aromas and contents both CBD and THC.

At your services, we also prepared listings of citrus and diesel taste weed strains.

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