What Weed Strains Are Good for Sex? Explore the Best Strains for Female & Male Arousal

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What Weed Strains Are Good for Sex? Explore the Best Strains for Female & Male Arousal

With cannabis to increase your sexual desire and pleasure you receive from it, you can leave chocolates, dates, and oysters for the dining table. If you are not a stoner already, you will become one after discovering the incredible effects of cannabis on your sex drive.

I get asked a lot about how cannabis can help me derive more pleasure from sex. As intriguing as this question is, I might not have a direct answer to this because there are a number of factors that affect your sex drive due to cannabis consumption. It depends on which strain you use, how it is delivered to your body, and, of course, the dose.

Out of personal experience, I love to do mildly on a couple of joints with my partner before having a good time. Then again, everything depends upon what you prefer.

So, read along to discover various cannabis strains to enhance your experience in bed and how you can consume them for the best effects.

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Best Strains For High Sex Drive

Northern Lights

If you have met your partner recently and want to make sex a pleasurable experience for them as well as yourself, you should give Northern Lights a shot. This strain will relax your body, calm your nerves, and since it is an Indica-dominant weed, you will experience an intense euphoria after consumption. So, you will get all the courage you need to try out new things in bed.

Since the THC content in these strains is pretty high, you should consume Northern Lights in moderation. Otherwise, you might end up falling asleep before the adventure even begins. Best Strains For High Sex Drive


If it is the hardcore sex with an intense touch that entices you, you can opt for Harlequin to improve your sex drive as this Sativa strain will not let you feel sedated. Hence, you can stay in the moment while making love to your partner without forgetting anything the next morning.

Green Crack

If you are looking for a strain that can set the mood for sex, then Green Crack is for you. The dominant compound here is CBD that will relieve you from all the work-related stress and anxiety[1], leading you towards a soothing euphoria to engage in some rewarding sex.

Moreover, the aromatic effect of Green Crack makes it a preferred strain amongst stoners who want to up their bedroom game a notch.

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Sour Diesel

As much as you love staying in the moment while having sex, you may want to enjoy that desired high derived from THC. For this, the best solution is a Sour Diesel hybrid strain.

Containing 16–20% THC, it will make your senses hyperactive during sex, and the experience is more pleasurable for you.

Apart from smoking the above-mentioned strains individually, you can mix them up to get the best of both worlds. Remember that it is next to impossible to find the right strain in the first try. So, don't feel discouraged and keep trying new combinations to discover the one.

Best Strains For Solo Sex Sessions

Girl Scout Cannabis

Having a steamy solo session while you are high on cannabis is all about striking the right balance between THC and CBD, and Girl Scout Cannabis offers you just that. Yes, they offer the perfect blend of anxiety-relief and euphoria to help you enjoy your body better.

When the effect hits you, you will no longer be apprehensive about trying out your wildest fantasies with yourself. Moreover, with the enhanced creativity, you can devise new ways to pleasure yourself without relying upon a partner. Best Strains For Solo Sessions


The very thought of going kinky on yourself might give you enough anxiety to chicken out before you even begin. Therefore, if you are an ardent fan of some kink for pleasure, you should opt for Jillybean. It is high in THC, hence, it would work perfectly to help you give up all the apprehensions and let your desire for sex speak.

Speaking of kink, Jillybean does not only serve as the sedative for solo sessions but is also a proven substance for sex aficionados who love to dive into BDSM adventures. Well, submitting to someone’s desires can become a lot easier when you are high on some quality weed, isn’t it?

LA Confidential

LA Confidential is an Indica strain that can do wonders if you want to enjoy some alone time. Smoking a joint or two will make you feel euphoric and ready to take on your body with some intense stimuli. Moreover, you can experience intense orgasms under its effect before you are worn out.

Then again, since this is a THC-rich strain, limit the dose to what you can take because you do not want to pass out due to sedation before pleasuring yourself.

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Best Strains For Reducing Anxiety Before Sex

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is an Indica strain that not only combats anxiety but also gives a hint of a sweet aroma coming out as soon as you exhale it. Apart from the mesmerizing notes of coffee and chocolate that entice your partner, even more, the Bubba Kush strain is known for the relaxing effect on the human body. It will lead you into an enormous euphoria for an intense love for your partner keeping all your stress[2] and anxiety aside. Best Strains For Reducing Anxiety Before Sex

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush is also popular as Jew Gold Marijuana for the incredibly smooth high it delivers. So, no matter whether you are suffering from anxiety or are stressed about something at work, a couple of puffs will take that all away. Now, what will be left is the sweet desire to feel pleasure from sex.

Kosher Kush is an Indica-based strain having over 20% of THC content. Therefore, I would advise you to opt for a substantial dosage only when you want to pass out before the act. If not, consume the minimum dosage to get your body working.

Blueberry Lambsbread

If you are looking for a strain to engage in some afternoon pleasure without getting too high to go about the rest of your day, the Blueberry Lambsbread is the deal for you. Although it is high in THC, Blueberry Lambsbread allows the body and mind to relax before making the first move. Well, what else you need from sex when you can let go off all your worries and live in the moment.

Best Strains For Increasing Sensitivity And Better Sex

For those who are looking forward to a sensational experience from sex, some strains work better than the others.

Bubblegum Kush

Bubblegum Kush is an 80% Indica strain with a slightly below the average THC level. Therefore, it comes with a promise to enhance the tactile aspect of sex for you. Staying true to its name, the relaxing effect of the strain is accompanied by an unexpectedly alluring tangy mouthfeel with some underlying sweetness. You will discover the sweetness as you give it some more time to engage with your taste buds, much like sex.

Also, it does not give you an immediate high but the effect creeps into your system with time, giving you enough time to engage in some foreplay and feel each other’s bodies before you get to the real thing. Best Strains For Increasing Sensitivity


Trainwreck is a strong high-THC strain from Northern California that will make you elated within minutes. It will transcend you into a euphoric world where you can feel more connected with your partner and their touch.

Trainwreck will not only enable you to have sensual time but will also enhance your creativity to try out new tactile sensations with your partner.

Grateful Breath

Doing justice to its name, Grateful Breath will certainly make you feel grateful for the steamy time you enjoy with your partner under its effects. Not only will it make you feel more secure about your connection, but it also will get your body rid of all other thoughts making you more focused. With complete focus, you can explore every curve and crevice in your partner’s body for more tactile sex than you have experienced before.

Unlike other strains that have an earthy aroma, that of Grateful Breath is sweet and fruity along with being slightly earthy to bring your partner closer.

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Are Edibles Helpful in Boosting Your Libido?

Men and women who want to bring the spark back into their sex lives have been resorting to cannabis edibles for increased arousal for years now.

1906 Dark Milk Love Chocolates

Aphrodisiac image 1

Love Chocolates are cannabis edibles that were specially designed to enhance libido to have rewarding sex. It helps to wave off all the work-related and personal stress so that you could focus on its mood-uplifting effects and have a great time with your partner. Even a small dose will provide you the psychological and physiological strength to ensure your dates never end on a dry note.

Kikoko Sensuali-Tea

Aphrodisiac image 2

You do not have to consume cookies every time you want to enhance sensory perception. Try Sensuali-Tea as an alternative. The notes of the most erotic scents of fruits, flowers, spices, and herbs including hibiscus, lavender, orange, rosemary, cardamom, and cloves have been added to the mix to arouse the lover in you. This sensational mix is intensified with cannabis to help you relish each moment with your partner till you have tremendous orgasms.

What makes the Sensuali-Tea even better is the lingering aftereffects that will give you lasting pleasure.

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Other Cannabis Products to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Edibles take some time to show their effect and get you high, but topical substances are designed for targeted arousal and do not affect the entire body. Here are some popular cannabis products.

Love Bites Female Sensual Gummies

Indulge in ultimate pleasure with these sensual gummies. Infused with CBD, these tasty treats enhance intimacy and blissful experiences.

Apthecanna Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil

Aphrodisiac image 3

It is an ideal mix of oils to make your body more sensitive to the touch of your partner and normalize any inflammatory impact of sex.

Foria Pleasure Natural Arousal Lube with THC

Aphrodisiac image 4

It is everything the name suggests since it can be applied to the genitals to feel the excitement due to the effect.

Kush Queen Ignite CBD-Infused Lubes

Aphrodisiac image 5

Since using oil-based lube with latex condoms is not advised, you can use the water-based Kush Queen Lube to have pain-free and pleasurable sex.

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Quim Rock Intimate Oil

Aphrodisiac image 6

It is the sacred mix of oils to get you going without harming your vagina with alien substances that can lead to dreaded UTIs.

CBD Daily Oil Massage Lotion

Aphrodisiac image 7

This is a reliable and licensed CBD massage oil for a more profound physical interaction with your partner.

Privy Peach Break Free Hemp Oil

Aphrodisiac image 9

This is the perfect product for women who want to ease vaginal pain during intercourse.

1906 High Love

Aphrodisiac image 101906 High Love is an edible source of cannabis that entices your body to seek sexual pleasure.

Endoca Hemp Oil Drops

Aphrodisiac image 11

A massage from this oil will help you bid farewell to all the stress piled up in your head to focus on more arousing sex.

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Dosist Passion Pen

Aphrodisiac image 12

It is an innovative way to make you feel aroused. This pen is dosed perfectly well for you so that you don’t drown in sedation and lose senses before sex.

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The Bottom Line

Cannabis strains, edibles, as well as other products that can be infused with cannabis have one thing in common – they can serve well as aphrodisiacs. So, you can use them for an enhanced sex drive, to set the mood, for battling the nerves, and for a profound tactile sensation. I would recommend you to use some strains for solo sessions before you use them with a partner to ensure that it has the desired effect.

Since there is no particular way to consume cannabis, the sky is the limit for you. Go ahead and try different strains to induce a greater desire for sex and pleasure and then decide what works best for you. Then again, make sure that you buy the cannabis flower from a reliable, licensed dispensary.


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