List of the Most Popular Orange Tasting Cannabis Strains

The orange flavor is pretty wide-spread, and there is nothing impressive that cannabis lovers can find their favorite taste in a line of strains. This flavor appears due to Limonene, which is a terpene responsible for sour and citrusy tastes and scents. The terpene doesn’t only produce a beautiful sour smell but also has a range of curative effects.

Limonene is known for its uplifting effects and depression and anxiety-relieving influence. So, weed with orange flavors usually provides uplifting, euphoric feelings, or at least a feeling of happiness. They can offer both a pleasant flavor and incredible effects; thus there is no need to doubt their popularity. Other effects mostly depend on strain’s genetics.

The choice of strains with orange flavor is quite a number and the THC level can range from about 14% up to 23%+. Though most of those strains contain an average THC level of about 20%, some of them still can be overwhelming, so look carefully. 

When looking for cannabis, which tastes the same as orange, we can suggest a few options. Agent Orange is a well-balanced hybrid strain, which smells like pure orange and rewards with a pleasant euphoric and relaxable high. The famous marijuana strain named Tangie is also an option, which is a real heavy-hitter. It provides a fresh tangerine scent and an energizing boost, combined with a feeling of euphoria. According to the reviewers, all of these don’t even influence one’s ability to think and move. 

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